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home economics 101..

so today i washed the car. saving a whopping RM 16 if i were to send it to the carwash at giant. apparently the matrix counts as an mpv so they charge u more than ur usual RM 10 for a normal sedan. which i find a bit ridiculous lah. so when we were out shopping for some baby stuff at sogo this morning we got all the necessary essentials to wash the car. sponge, wash cloth, wash and wax thingy.

so yes, got savings.

but then i spent 20 bucks to get some take out coz i didn't want the senorita to strain herself cooking.

so in the end it all evens out.

i guess its always a challenge to save on stuff when ur used to certain comforts.

the senorita was called into action for the flying monkees last saturday for my company's sports and recreational club treasure hunt. it was a last minute thing since our fourth member had to bail due to another commitment. she felt okay enough to contribute, and she put a lot of the 'not heavily pregnant' participants to shame. hehe.

tak nampak pew…

buy laa..

you can find a lot of things on ebay. i won a bid on a bag for my bike on ebay. hopefully the item makes it through customs. hehe. oh and there's also this guy who is selling off his life on ebay. yep that's kinda cool. there's already 65 bids on that item.

and i'm still looking to flog these speakers. hehe harga dah turun sket.


i was looking at a couple of cycling blogs just for kicks and i realized that, offroad mountain biking sure looks like fun. hehe it looks dangerous but hey if u have all the safety gear and all it should be okay.

maybe i should take more pics la of the bike in action. like my brother khalil. he has this quirky idea of posting pics of him in action holding a copy of the days sun newspaper just to validate the date.

anyways, for those riding the lrt, have you seen anyone else lugging a bicycle into the train? a prize for the first person to mail me a pic. hehe.

the appropriateness of acting one's age..

the statement is not conjecture. we should act our age. in this sense we are required to be matured in situations that requires maturity. but do we still need to act our age when we're dealing with matters where acting our age might divert us from finding real soultions or real options to whatever the problem may be.

sometimes i amaze myself with this ability to dwell in seemingly vacuous arguments.

i didn't ride my bicycle today. the senorita missed having breakfast together and she had been hankering for nasi lemak. since she won't be able to have nasi lemak during confinement she figured might as well have her fill of nasi lemak while she still can. how can i resist la. her la not the nasi lemak. so after i sent tlm to school, i dropped by our local mamak for my roti canai and her nasi lemak. made a pitstop at 7/11 to get some chocolate milk and bread.

apparently the seven e was robbed about two months back. a group of mat rempits forced their way in. now as a precaution,…

banyaknye stroller dia beli..

just now when i went up to finance this girl commented that oh you la the guy who bought how many strollers tu. apparently someone saw me with the big anakku plastic bag and indeed thought that i was carrying a stroller.


hari-hari beli stroller la itu macam.

i heard on the news that three members of parliament decided to cycle to parliament. but more of a show of protest than a change of lifestyle. they wanted to show the powers that be that its not easy to change. i think the intentions are admirable la but i can't help to think that this sorta portrays cycling as something that's really hard and demeaning. macam kalau terpaksa berbasikal tu disebabkan oleh tekanan hidup yang terlampau sampai tak mampu nak naik drive or naik public transport.

kalau berbasikal tu tandanya mahu protes. coz it's unthinkable to change just for the sake of change. mahu berbasikal kerana it is a viable alternative to the more costly and non-environmental modes of transportation, nope itu tida…

And they say it's all over..

It is now. The russians were hungrier. And it showed. The nederlands seemed content to play out for penalties. And that showed too.The senorita pointed out that before kick off i was wearing a russian t-shirt my brother gave me. Jinxed. Hehe. Ah well. Ngantuk. Will change the background later. :(

la la la la..

spare a thought for khalid boulahrouz. the dutch defender was faced with a family tragedy with the loss of his prematurely born daughter. but he showed great spirits to fight on and insist that he's ready to face russia in the quarter finals. it was quite a shock la to read. its not something u would wish upon anyone. germany beat portugal to reach the semis. but that news is second to what christiano ronaldo would announce in the next couple of days. is he leaving manure? hehe let us all hope so.

its my fifth day of multi-modal commuting. the cycling to and from the lrt station has been getting much easier. the main stickler remains the whole carrying the bike up the stairs and making sure that it doesn't impede anyone in the train. today was a bit.. testing. i got my usual spot and tried as much to squeeze myself in to minimize the space that i took up. then this one stop ni, this one hiyooge auntie came in and things became a tad awkward.

it was not pleasant.

oh and i missed m…

peh.. naaat..

i faced my first problem cycling to work today. and i didn't even leave the apartment yet. the gears were shifting funny. it took me 30 minutes to fiddle with it only to find out that i don't really know jack about rear derailleurs. so i arrived at kelana jaya a bit later than yesterday.

i found an ingenious way to partially hide the bike when i ride the lrt. there's this big anakku plastic bag that the senorita got when she bought the stroller for little jj. so i just cover the bike up a bit and it looks like i'm carrying a stroller. heh.

i was feeling good with all the exercise i'm getting, but then when i arrived at the office, there was nasi lemak for all. nasi lemak and teh tarik in the pantry. heh. i think that sets me back la on the exercise front.

the senorita wrote an interesting post on a bunch of stuff. she writes copiously la this woman. hehe. sekali tulis terus.. panjang. but then again she always writes long. as compared to me who don't write as much…

i want to ride my bicycle..

i want to ride my bike. i want to ride my bicycle...

so its my first day of cycling to work. well technically that is. it took me 10 minutes to cycle to the kelana jaya lrt station. 20 seconds to pack my bike and a few minutes to walk up the stairs and queue up to enter the station. the kelana jaya commuters were more liberal with their queueing. not good. the majority were queuing nicely but there were some who decided that they were above queuing and just ignored the rest. i managed to get on the 3rd train which was relatively empty. manage to put my bike on the side under the emergency button. hope that's not a hazard.

the lrt ride was uneventful. i didn't see anyone else with a bicycle. there were some curious look from people. but hey who cares right? i arrived at klcc and lugged the bike to the exit. hehe. its like carrying a 15kg pack of rice with u to work. hehe.

i exited klcc lrt station, unpacked my bike and then proceeded to cycle to the office. cue some more curious l…

fold me a bicycle..

well i finally went and got myself a bicycle. and yes it's a foldie.

after the three step folding process..

the senorita and i finally had the opportunity to have our anniversary dinner. at first we wanted to go to monte's at bsc. monte's was the restaurant where we had our first proper date. the senorita however was enticed by the prospect of bottomless refils at chili's so we ended up eating there instead. besides since we still celebrate our other anniversary, we can go eat at monte's then.

ta daaa

anyways, i found out last saturday that lerun malaysia also carries dahon foldable bikes at their rodalink stores. saw the add in the star. checked their website and true enough they do advertise on it as well. i called up the store and asked them about the models available. being on a budget i asked about the most practical and affordable model. which turned out to be the Eco 3. asked about the price and it was 899. did a little googling around. this aussie website was c…

not just for washing clothes..

my sister ana is living the dream that me and ahmad used to have. playing ur own music in front of a crowd. hehe woot woot. way to go ana..

she opened the show at the laundry bar and for the first time, i was able to catch her doing her thing. her music is fresh and she writes her own songs. which is always cool. hehe. do i sound biased? well of course la kan i'm her brother but then again, she didn't have it easy at home. we are of course her biggest fans and also biggest critics.

ana@the laundry

but we were there to support her tonight. hehe me, the senorita, khalil, ijai and ahmad were right there up front cheering her on as she performed her songs backed by the marhaens. er the marhaens ni pun bukan calang-calang orangnye. heh. but i guess they recognize her potential and wouldn't mind backing her up.

the songs that she played i've already heard a lot.. and by a lot i mean i can almost sing most of them already. but it was given a different flavor with the accompanying…

there's always football..

so i was going to the 7 eleven downstairs yesterday to buy some toothpaste. i had to walk past mcd la of course. there's this big poster which said that mcd will be showing the games live. they even will give free french fries coupon for every goal scored and free refills when ur watching the game. i guess its subject to u dining in la kan. best gila. hehe. kalau tanak watch at home, just go to ur local 24 hours mcd. hehe.

i'm watching the opening game at home la tapi. the senorita is sleeping on the couch. switzerland has started rather brightly i might say. the gunners are represented by phillipe senderos in the swiss defence. there's also petr cech in the czech goal. no goals as yet.

i will be supporting the nederlands. hehe. the last time i supported holland i changed the blog background color. hehe but with the oranje drawn with france, italy and also romania, it would be very tough if they can go through from that group of death.

hehe makan tidor minum bola..

update: 1 …

i don't envy them lions..

i was watching bits and pieces of this program on the discovery channel. wild sex. hehe. well this one particular fact about the lion that really piqued my curiosity. it was stated that on average, for every one cub that is born, the lions have to have sex 3000 times. the male lion would have to have sex every 15 minutes! and it seems that the female lion is also very particular in the technique in which the male lion needs to do to ensure total satisfaction, to encourage the release of the egg. but seriously speaking, every 15 minutes?? 3000 times? hmm, that would put a serious dent to ur ahem hmm package. hence i don't envy the lion.

a lot has been said about the recent hike in petrol price. talking about it and complaining about it will probably be good for a few minutes but then once the reality sinks in u'll realise that ur screwed no matter what. so might as well try to figure out how u can cope with it all. the following analysis should be taken with a few pinches of sal…

baby nak makan apa..

The gorgeous senorita was telling me about that Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown duet for a while now. But we never got the opportunity to hear it on the radio, together that is. She hears it all the time, but when I’m with her the song just don't want to come out. It seems like everyone else knows the song. Muz was humming to it when we were out hunting, my brother Khalil also sang a bit when he came over to help with some d.i.y. Maybe I don't listen to the radio enough.

Anyways, I finally heard the song. Hehe. No air no air. Kinda catchy tune. Hehe I’ve changed my ringtone for when the senorita calls to play that song now. No air no air.

Anyways, we took the opportunity to do some d.i.y over the weekend with the little munchkin being away and all. Granted assembling and mounting cabinets from Ikea is not really that hard. But with the senorita in no condition to help, I asked my brother Khalil to come over. We picked him up early that Saturday morning, had breakfast and came home…