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what's that rattling inside ur pockets..

ah change is always good eh? i'm starting a new job now. suppose to move a floor down but they don't really have a place for me but i might just move anyways. hehe, do i have to change the blog title? hmm maybe temporarily or maybe i won't bother. heard murmurs that we would probably be based on level 35 anyways later so fudge it.

the training that i went to was kinda aptly timed. i found out a lot about myself, my career anchors and the things that motivates me. ideally u would want to be doing something that gives u pleasure. but the pleasure u derive from work can also change depending on how passionate u are in ur work. pleasure.. passion.. hmm where am i going with this? hehe gatal.

anyways, the new job hopefully would provide enough challenges and opportunities for me to grow and become a better person personally and professionally.

talking about changes..

16) How has the senorita change u?
in a relationship, u can't really force someone to change. u can try but most often than not it just doesn't work. the way i see it, when u meet someone, the two different personalities will clash and if the relationship is strong enough the two of you would probably come out of the whole mashed up bits with new personalities of ur own. a result of give and take and also adapting to each other's quirks and what nots.

i believe that the senorita and i have come to this level in which our personalities have pretty much been assimilated. hehe no. i have not become a male toughcookee and she has not become a female acat. but there are things that we could not have imagine doing when we were single but now when we're together it's almost second nature its freaky. but i'm not gonna talk about the senorita la.

so enough with the mukadimah. what are the changes? hmm. is it going to be worth reading or not? hehe here goes.

i listen to mariah carey. (cue stunned silence) er what's wrong with that? people love mariah. yes but not the acat of old. i mean come on la mariah? this coming from a grunge lovin dude who only has rock songs on his playlist and nothing else? but have u guys heard her latest stuff? seriously, hehe it's great its catchy. <= u see? i'm even justifying why i listen to mariah. confirm this is all the senorita's fault. hari-hari mau kasi dengar dalam itu kereta when she drops me off. mau sangkut juga. bukan saja mariah la kan. itu glen fredly pun sudah ada mau dengar. i mean the shift in musical preference is amazing. hehe.

i do house chores! i think my mom would be very proud of me with this one. it doesn't make u less of a man if u get down and dirty to do ur chores. guys tend to get stereotyped with taking out the trash and doing the dishes, but why stop there? ironing and the laundry. doing all that is just another change in me that the senorita has brought out. knowing my responsibilities.

i can be a "garang" dad. i used to have this idea that i won't want to be the strict dad. i wanna be the cool dad. let the mom be all garang and u can come in and be all buddy-buddy with ur kid. in reality it's better to set a united front. u can't be contradicting each other. i've seen the garang side of the senorita which i really thought was scary enough but i was shocked jugak at how i also could be as fierce or maybe even more at times. keshian the little munchkin eh.

i now dress smarter. hehe. really? bukan u always wear baju treasure hunt aje ke where ever u go? aha, my clothes now has already been sorted into 2 major piles, most clothes prior to marrying the senorita is now in the pile marked "never to be worn outside the house". hehe but i'm not complaining, she has taste la. the shirts she got me makes me look ahem smart. but it comes with a warning label. don't be menggataling okay. me menggatal? please la, i'm a happily married man.

hmm apa lagi?

i think i'm now more sensitive. hehe i get easily riled with stuff i watch on telly. maybe its the pregnancy hormones. yeah right. hehe, but maybe its because i like the way the senorita shuts me up when i get all excited trying to articulate my points. hehe back then it was just a look. now dah kawin ni. hehe. hmm.. nak go and start something la now. hehe i'll explain to her the whole market dynamics of the rising crude oil price plak.
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