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waaah u is so semart..

the whole mas vs air asia bickering is funny. on one hand u have the "pioneer" of low cost flights and on the other hand u have the state-backed carrier. who will win? for starters i don't give a flying fuck who does what to whom. who copied what. who gives free seats. who gives what offers. as long as there is competition, the consumer would definitely benefit. u have options. u choose. granted there is a valid argument in terms of fair competition between the two companies, when there is an element of protectionism favoring one over the other. but if this translates into lower prices and better offers then isn't that a good thing?

saw the news, tf of air asia was saying that mas is copying air asia's strategy. that must mean what airasia's doing is working. low price for all. but the low prices was not without some sacrifices. no frills really means no frills. and then when ur becoming a monopoly, u tend neglect stuff. u become lax. services starts to suck.

in terms of giving the opportunity for everyone to fly, airasia is right on the money. in terms of making money for themselves they're not doing that bad.

so the competition, albeit an unfair one is good. hehe.

don't i just suck writing serious crap.

8) who is smarter?
now this is a toughie. this is a constant butt of jokes between the senorita and i. hehe lemme be the first to admit that i suck at biology. i once thought that if someone were to shoot his load in a swimming pool the girl swimming in the same pool could get pregnant. and guess who corrected me on this point. yep. the senorita. hehe she took science matriculation. hehe. she could have studied medicine if she wanted to. i didn't want to become one because i hate subjects where u have to read a lot.

we shared our spm results this one time. hehe spm is soooo a long time ago okay. i shared mine and she shared hers. hehe, apparently my face looked shocked when she told me hers. it was so unintentional la. but spm results don't really ensure ur success in life. i know for a fact that it's just a means to an end. u need good spm results to be able to do the courses that u want to do. and then when u get ur degree, that's just a ticket for u to get a good job. hehe, once u get the job, all that goes out of the window and u'll be judge on how u perform. book smarts only get u so far eh.

i did quite okay la academically, i mean growing up i was always top of the class most of the time. got good grades and all. does that mean i was smart? heck who knows but i know that one stupid act led me to the path of meeting the senorita.

i was stoopid enuff to follow my heart once. got my heart broken and led me to be all stoopid pouring my heart out for all the world to see.

the senorita was smart enough to see something in my writings. and i guess she was smart enough to follow her heart and allow me into her life..
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