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that's just super ain't it?

my brother asyiq went to see man u vs chelsea. how cool is that!! although he supports chelsea, and they lost, it is still an experience that u can't forget. being there in the stands. watching ur team. hehe.

i, being the gooner that i am just slept through the whole thing. heh. couldn't have cared less who won. hehe half expected chelsea to knick it just out of spite, but then again if they did win, arsenal can't be the first london team to win it la kan. heh. in the end the honors were united's.

ah well there's always next season. in the mean time, i'll be cheering the men in oranje for this summer's euro 08. hehe.

so guess what i'm doing now? of course i'm updating the blog here and now, hehe i've set up the computer in our office to share our izzi connection, so the gorgeous senorita is in there doing her thing and i'm in the living room doing mine. opened facebook. u know they do chat now right? so guess la what we're doing? hehe.

bb where are u..
i'm here..
i miss u..
:x :x
hehe the only difference is u get to do it with real kisses. hehe..

we're going on a treasure hunt this weekend. methinketh its probably.. well most likely la will be the last hunt for a while jugak la for us both. hehe. we had a lot of fun hunting. especially when u have teammates like muz and eju. hehe. i remembered the first time i asked the senorita to join the flyin monkees. she never tried it before so it was kinda fun. the things u do to be with the man u love eh. hehe. it didn't hurt la to win also right?

the senorita is secretly honing her skills as the ultimate super duper housewife. before we got married i kinda told her that i didn't have that high of an expectations with her cooking and all that. she told me that her skills are basic at best. i said we can always eat out if its such of a hassle. but to my surprise, she's kinda have grown into the role. coming up with simple yet delicious dishes that's more than enough to "fatten" both the little munchkin and i. hehe. if u ask tlm, his mom's cooking is the best, hehe "even better than nenek" hehe. that kid's smart. knows how to "ambil hati" his mom. i have to give him 20 cents for that.

i guess it's heartening to see the effort she puts in to do the things she does. when she's feeling tired from work, she still finds time to make something up, us men have to appreciate la this fact. we can be too focussed on other stuff that we tend to miss the little things.

so how do i show my appreciation? hehe by doing the dishes la of course.

her secret project now involves sewing. i can't elaborate further than this i'm afraid. maybe its the fact that she's carrying a girl. the inclination to do all this girlie bits must be tremendous. er, i'm not saying sewing is just for girls la. its okay if u guys wanna do it. by all means, do. hehe i for one will only be lending my keen eye to thread the needle if she needs any help la kan. hehe i suck at crafts remember? hehe.

slowly but surely she's getting all the necessary skills to become.. supermom. hehe.

yeah la what. imagine la the skills that all moms have. become personal trainer, nutritionists, cheerleader, tailor, doctor (cum medicine woman), and all the other skills that's required like being able to draw optimus prime and what not. and that's only for the kids. u just imagine the things she has to do for the husband.

and we complain when she nags a bit.


hehe. anyways, to my very owen super duper wife who's a super duper mom.. i love ya.
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