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i had a phone emergency yesterday. hehe in my unbridled eagerness to fiddle around with the E90, i managed to render it inoperable. switched it on and there was a system error and a "phone start-up failed. please contact retailer" heh. at first i feared i might have messed up the phone enough that i'd be left with an expensive piece of brick on my hands. but i didn't panic. i took out my sim card and started the phone on offline mode. good thing it still can start but still there was an error message. fiddled around some more. found out that i was pretty much screwed. only a hard reset could save me. now i think this is a tip for all to share. every now and then when u back up ur phone, don't forget to back up your memory card as well. in my case once i had hard reset the phone and once i switched on the phone, it tried to read the files which i have installed on the card. i think la that's what happened. so it ended up setting a password on the micro sd card. which i can't even remember setting any.

so i had to reformat the card. had to reinstall a bunch of programs. learnt my lesson already.. or have i? hehe.

15) the things that surprised u about her?
hehe. ya'll may not know this but i really believe that the senorita is a techie at heart. i notice she gets really pissed whenever she has a question to ask and i ask her to google it up. she only asks me when she has exhausted her own resources. kalau dia tanya tu maknanya dah memang confirm dah tak tau and really needs help. sometimes i think she just ask my help sebab nak bagi ego boost sket to the guy coz guys kan love to fix stuff.

i remembered this one time when we were dating. she brought her ibook and we sat at starbucks coz she wanted my help to fiddle around with her blog template. i of course didn't admit la that i knew jack shit about html, css blah di blah. hehe any excuse to be with her la kan. last-last i think she figured everything herself. hehe. cepat pick up itu orang. when i would have just be satisfied with the defaults, she would be quicker to customizing stuff and she gets all excited when she's really into what she's doing.

she's quite smart like that.

hmm there are others la kan. hehe like how strong she was going through what she went through. single mom. tough working environment. amongst others la kan.

but the most surprising thing of all is.. the fact that such a hot momma can fall for a nerdy geeky serabai dude like myself. hehe.
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