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selamat hari guru..

the little munchkin was making a card for his teacher at school. i asked him la, papa tak dapat card ke? papa pun banyak ajar awak what? he said papa tunggu father's day.

father's day eh. hmmm why didn't we celebrate father's day last year? hmm was it during our honeymoon or something? hmm then it dawned on me. i'm gonna be a dad. well i'm already a dad but u know what i mean. it's reaally exciting. scary hasn't shown its ugly head yet so its all good..

there is a slight possibility that little jj could come earlier than expected. hmm anytime after 32 weeks eh. just hope everything goes as planned la.

7)how do u keep that loving feeling?
i guess there's no real secret to this. u just have to find a formula that works and just stick with it. i won't be presumptuous in thinking that i have got everything all figured out yet, year 1 is only the beginning. but i do have the benefit of learning from people's experiences and my own observations.

looking at how my own parents are with each other. it'll be 37 years of marriage come this 29th of september. i'm sure they've been through a lot. in todays age of marriages lasting just few months (hehe ouch) u kinda have to "tabik" la to those couples that persevere despite the adversities that came their way.

i guess u learn things as u go along. i know if i say this one more time, i'll probably sound like a broken record. but its important to take care of the things that are within ur control. if u start to wonder about the rest, u'll just have a harder time focusing on the things that matters the most. sheesh now how many times does this dude have to say that? hehe.

so how? how do u keep that loving feeling?

touch her when she least expects,
hold her tight all through the night,
let her wake up to ur smile,
and let her feel that it's all been worthwhile,
listen even when she's not making a sound,
coz sometimes there's just some golden moments to be found,
feel it deep inside ur heart,
feel it so that u never want to be apart,
love her the way you want to be loved,
and she will love you the way u deserved to be..
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