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rush of blood to the head..

so i only manage to get up to q5. its not easy eh if u think about it. to write stuff about ur relationship and how things develop and what not. but i guess its always good to remember how things were, how everything started, how the love grew and what not. because sometimes when u've been with someone for so long u may start to get less patient and less tolerant towards the things that u found sooo attractive in the first place.

i dunno la about the rest of u but i'm definitely not there yet.

the senorita forwarded this one website to me showing some gift options of precious gemstones according to the number of years of ur anniversary. erks. bengkok jugak la kan if u want to give one every year. but surprisingly it doesn't look that expensive, hehe even if it is in usd. the currency kan tengah strengthening against the dollar. yeah right. people celebrate milestones such as ur first anniversary, 10 year anniversary, silver jubilee, golden jubilee. i think its good to celebrate it when u get there but it doesn't mean that in the meantime u just forget about it. just not do anything and hope that the relationship will grow indefinitely.

hehe its like planting a tree la. u dig a hole, and u throw the seed in. if u just leave it in the wild, the tree would still grow, probably, but imagine if u'd taken care of it, water it, fertilize it, can u see the difference?

i guess that it is probably best that we humans learn, well as opposed to animals who also learn but most probably just take things as habit, er and men don't? wtf are u saying? well because we learn, its therefore always okay to make mistakes as u go along because u'll then learn to do things differently if shit happens or to not fix whatever it is that ain't broken.

anyways, i know i still have a lot to do. but the best thing is, i know that i'll have the best partner that anyone could ever wish for to cheer me on along the way. and even better than the best is, we will have little jj and the little munchkin along for the ride..

happy anniversary my love..

er, wait a minute. what happened to q4-q1? u didn't think u can get away that easily?

hehe well i can try la kan but before anyone else reminds me lemme just finish doing it.

4) what was the weirdest thing that u have experienced in ur relationship?

well this happened quite early in the relationship. the gorgeous senorita told me how she felt when we were apart, a kinda intense longing that borderline on actual physical feeling. like u can feel something pressing u. i think i probably joked about it, saying that its probably psychological, and the last time i felt "kena himpit" ni was like back in mrsm. hehe.

but this one time ni, it had been a few days since we last met, i suddenly felt like what the senorita described. serious shit, i kid u not. i can only think of one thing to lessen the pressure. i had to see her immediately.

drove like a madman. she was definitely a sight for sore eyes. hehe. later she explained that she had been feeling like that since our first date. and that day she had been thinking about me constantly, willing me to make the move to come see her.

i told her next time to use the phone :P

3) were there anything about u that u were afraid she couldn't have accepted?
well, being a wysiwyg kinda guy, of course there are concerns. some people may find ur traits adorable, well the way u handle kids and what not, but some may find it a bit off putting. but for me specifically, i had some reservations on her accepting my quirks. but all that was just unnecessary concerns. because i realised that when u love someone, there are a lot of things that u are willing to put up with.

me doing my crazy dance. me getting all mean and be all sarcastic. me being a nerd. me singing "anak itik tokwi" to every song that u can think off. the list is endless.

the best thing about the senorita is she knows when to be all "i'm not taking any shit from u" (especially if i sing the aforementioned song whilst she's driving) but she also knows when to join the fun. she's not afraid to make a fool of herself if the situation necessitates it la. i love that about her.

2)how different is she from the other women u've been with?

well for starters she stayed on for more than 7 months. hehe ouch. no la. everyone is different and unique in their own way. the main difference that i can think off is that the senorita knows what she wants, and she's not afraid of doing whatever is necessary to get what she wants. she gives me the opportunity to prove myself and for that i definitely have to thank her. its one thing to give ur all in a fight u could never have won, its another to be able to express urself and ur love to a woman that totally brings out the best in u.

i'm not going to bother comparing because she is in a waay different league.

hah. and the final one...

1) ... hehe ya'll have to wait for this one..
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