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the flying monkees entered the tribe toyota amazing trails 08 hunt. flagged off from subang and ended the hunt at the genting sempah rest area. this hunt was quite memorable, it signified the "last" hunt for the senorita for a while, well at least until a few months jugak. it also was the first time that i hauled my ass up the 272 flight of stairs at batu caves. i'm not doing that again anytime soon. legs still sore. it looked easy. not! heh.

we did quite okay for the questions, muz did his challenge drinking the blended concoction with ease, i kinda messed up mine with me all wobbly from the exertion at the stairs attempting to "pull tea". the last challenge was also okay, we had to guess 5 correct spices from a mixture of seven.

we kinda messed up on the treasures. heh.

ah well, we ended up 7th.

its a good break anyways. genting highlands was packed. i guess its the school holidays and all.

anyways, we got this logitech x540 speakers as our prize. just the one set, so the flying monkees is conducting our first auctioning off of our winnings. hehe. i'm listing this on ebay. if ur interested in a brand new 5.1 surround speakers, please feel free to bid. i checked and this was selling for RM419. hehe.

i'm gonna rest now. penaaat. hehe.
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