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The little things..

there are a lot of things that your little boy can say to make ur day. there's the usual "i love u papa", and then there's my current favourite "tlm nak tidor rumah nenek malam ni buleh?" yeay. papa and mama buleh bergurau senda kat rumah. hehe. that sounds so bad eh. but in truth, its not really that bad la. for those who have yet to have kids of their own, ya'll just wait la.

so it's a public holiday. since the little munchkin decided to sleep at his grandma's the gorgeous senorita and i decided to finish watching prison break season 3. we watched the first part of the season right until michael scofield was taken out of sona. when we went to keramat the other day, i saw that my brother ijai already bought the second part of the series so i borrowed it.

the ending was kinda anti-climatic. the whole escape from sona was not as elaborate as the fox river break out. and there were still some questions left unanswered. hehe a quick googling confirmed that season 4 is in the pipelines. the senorita was saying that she doesn't want to watch it anymore. frustrated la i guess with the series. but that was what she said when we finished season 1.. and season 2. so when season 4 comes out i'm sure we'll be watching it too.

woke up late. well the dvd session lasted till half past twelve. we had breakfast at restoran subang. the little munchkin called asking if we can pick him up around 5. he wants to go to his best friend's house. since he had been a good boy this past week we said okay. gave us the opportunity to go shopping for some stuff.

no guesses on where we went. sunway pyramids. hehe. there were a lot more people today as expected. had to park all the way up on the rooftop. we wanted to check if we could get tickets for iron man but the queue was just way too long. so we walked around for a bit. the senorita was feeling thirsty and she wanted her coffee fix. but since she already had iced nescafe for brunch she didn't want to "overdose" on coffee. so it was down to this fresh fruit outlet we passed the other day. papaya juice for the senorita and green apple for myself. masam! the papaya tasted like papaya. hehe. more aimless meandering before we decided to just go home. hehe.

but not before stopping at jusco to get some storage thingy for little jj's stuff and some maternity thingies for the senorita. and we went home.

did a little vacuuming and watched csi on astro. its funny how when ur working u can't wait for a break and when ur on a break u can't stop urself doing some form of work or the other? i'm not really looking forward to working. the break coming in on a thursday. friday is always a lazy day for me. so i should have taken friday off. but i'm saving my leave for little jj. i was checking my leave entitlements and i found out that i only get 1 day paternity leave. that kinda sucks ain't it? so have to apply annual leave to ensure that i'll be there during the first few days to help the senorita out.

the past few days, i've been feeling the little jj move a lot. the other day the senorita took a video of her tummy and u can physically see little jj poking it. and when its time for bed, i can feel this tiny rumblings when i put my hand on the senorita's tummy. i don't know if its the kicking or the elbows or what. hehe. hang in there okay little jj. u still have a good two months left before your official debut. hehe.
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