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Lazy sunday..

I'm watching the gunners vs everton on telly at the moment. The game is somewhat meaningless as any slim chance that was left to win the league evaporated with man u trouncing west ham 4-1 yesterday. So only chelsea could match man u now but clearly the title is their's to lose.

We went to one utama in the morning after sending the little munchkin to his tae kwon do. Its his best friends birthday and after telling us that he was making something for his friend it turned out that he didn't do it. So we had to go and get something. The senorita found this interesting book at mph which we got. There's an abundance of choices for children's books. There were even some parents that we saw reading to their children at the children's corner. Good activity eh.

We did some shopping for baby clothes and groceries before heading home.

Now where were we..

18) how long did it take for u to fall in love?
Well the weekend of smsing and missed phone calls after that first friday meet up was kinda nervewrecking. If you were to read what i was writing on my blog you could have probably sensed that i was definitely on something. The 'angau'ness was increasing the sales of barf bags nationwide.

Hehe. The first date with the senorita even made me forget about that crush i had on that malaysian idol girl hehe.

Anyways it was not until the 30th that we had our official date. Hehe it was so significant that we decided that that's when we would officially be called a couple. Hehe and maybe it had something to do with it being the eve of a public holiday which makes it easier to remember. Anyways i left the office kinda early, anticipating the hectic night to follow. Merdeka eve was always busy. I wanted to ask the senorita out but i think she didn't want to brave the throng of people who would usually go out celebrating merdeka.

My mom cooked my favourite masak lemak cili api. I was eating - i don't remember if it was the senorita or myself who called - but i remember just taking the chance to try to convince the senorita to go out anyways. I guess persistence helped coz she finally said yes. She suggested we meet up at bangsar shopping center. I had no idea how to get there but i said yes anyways.

We certainly found out more about each other over dinner and later coffee. I find her quite amazing. The similarities of our experiences, how we view things, i find myself slowly but surely falling for her. So there u have it. It didn't take that long for me to fall.. hard at that i might add.

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