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go ahead.. make my day..

my mom came over that sunday. my wan alang from pahang wanted to come visit. so my dad, fresh from one oh his more successful fishing jaunts and my sister ana came along. i asked my mom to call once they left the house. the senorita wanted to get the timing right because she was preparing some cucur. didn't want to do it too early in case it gets cold but u won't wanna do it too late oso.

anyways they came over just around half past five. my wan alang used to be a midwife u see. she can tell a lot from looking and listening to the mom's tummy. i kid u not. in those days without ultrasound and 4d scans, the more experience midwives usually can guess it right.

when she was listening to the senorita's tummy, she commented that the little jj is "kembar air" or water twin as opposed to "kembar darah". something about there's a lot of fluids inside the amniotic sac causing little jj to "swim" easily inside the senorita's belly. hehe i'm just hazarding a guess here. this was not wan alang's exact words la kan. apparently, "kembar air" more often than not means that the birthing process would be less troublesome. wan alang also confirmed what the doctor said and what the scans were telling us that it's a pwincess. hehe.

but we still bought neutral baby clothes just in case.

11) how has she made ur day?
hmm when u say made my day what do u mean eh? apart from waking up next to her every morning i think she has made my day countlessly. but i guess for me it was when she broke the news la. ala the news that we were expecting little jj.

when she said yes, i was happy. when she said she was late.. i was slightly optimistic but i didn't want to get my hopes up. when she showed me the test and said it is positive.. i was ecstatic! i even manage to not crack that joke about have u wash the stick or not.

when we got married we figured that we should take things easy. we thought of planning for a bit but that only lasted for two months. then we decided we didn't want to wait and we tried for it. after a few false alarms i was beginning to get worried. the senorita had already had the little munchkin. i was unlucky (or maybe i was) not to have one the last time. so ada sket risau juga. u don't know la kan, firing blanks ka. got problem ke.

i know its not easy to conceive. it's no longer as simple as insert part A into slot B. u have to consider the timing, u need to get everything right. the planets need to be aligned or some shit like that. when u think that u've finally got it. out pops the red flag.

anyways, the senorita really had me when she broke the news. she was running 2 weeks late. i said lets just get a pregnancy kit and test. she said she would get one and do it. i think i got a call and she said that it was negative. frust jugak. coz i had a feeling that this time would be it. little that i know of what she had planned.

it was her birthday. and we had dinner at the free dessert's place. i should have realised when she kept on hinting that she needed to get more comfortable shoes. i wanted to get her this nice pair of heels but she said she wanted something more comfortable. duh. stoopid init?

anyways we had dinner and there it was. she asked me to look at this pregnancy test stick and lo and behold.. its positive! hehe felt liked going across the table and give her a big kiss. that made my day, nay that made my year.. er i think getting married made my year.. ah never mind la kan everything that had something to do with the senorita made my whatever.. hehe

so now how many months later, we are in our 29th week. hehe. i think come july she'll be making feel that which i have never felt before..
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