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My friend ahmad came over in the afternoon. I asked him to join me and the little munchkin for lunch at mcd. Tlm always has mcd after his tae kwon do. Ahmad came in his sweet new ride. When it comes to him and cars i always have this one thing to say. U see i drive a kelisa. That's my first and current car. He had driven a civic bullet, a satria r3 and now its a ford focus hatchback. With the kelisa i gotten myself the gorgeous senorita. He hasn't found someone as yet. Well not fo the lack of trying la kan. But i guess its not about the car u drive eh. Hehe. sorry mad eh.

Anyways we were talking about my sister ana. Ana is doing what she loves with her songwriting and taking it a step further with her youtube and myspace. She's even in talks to record an album. Well i remembered back in the days, me and ahmad and our pipe dreams of making music and making it big. Hehe. We wrote songs, we went through that whole finding our own style. But we never really went out and did anything about it. Maybe times were different back then, it might seem easier now with the internet and youtube but u still needed to take that first step which i never did.

So good luck la to ana and to those who followed their dreams. Hehe here's a shameless plug, she writes from the heart my sister ni, and all her songs reflect that. So go la check her out.

12) Do u believe in a thing called love?
I always feel that when u are in love all other rules just doesn't apply. What do u mean by that? U know how some people have certain rules about stuff, like not wanting to go out with someone younger or not wanting to go for a guy with a certain personality or a certain look or a certain height or a certain whatever. Well i believe that when ur in love all that just go down the waazoo.

Call me idealistic but i do believe that if you're in love you would do all that you can to make the relationship work. You won't give up so easily or so readily. You got to do what you got to do. Whatever it takes. While its always good to have a reciprocal relationship it goes back to what are the things that you can control.

You are only in control of ur actions and how u react to certain things. So in order to make a relationship work u have to start being less selfish and think about what you can do. What changes that you can affect. This is not about being stoopid. Its being realistic. The quicker you realize that some people just can't be change the better you can focus on the things within your control. This coupled with the fact that you are in love would mean that you would be more resilient to adversity in ur quest to be with the one u love.

but i guess not everyone would be lucky to get it right from the get go.

i've learnt that there's one critical success factor when it comes to all ur effort not being in vain. there must be love for ur actions to have any consequences. take my first marriage. she fell in love with someone else, i tried to change the situation, i failed. other factors were in play but i guess it all boils down to her not having that loving feeling anymore.

it was positively different with the gorgeous senorita. we argue and we fight but deep down we both loved each other. she was willing to give me a chance and it was up to me to show her that there was more to me compared to all the other assholes she'd seen. i knew that we had a good thing going on and i was not about to let her slip outta my hands. so i started to adapt and to change. i started to not want to win everything. i mean u have to pick ur battles la, don't have to argue all the time. i tried to be more sensitive. it must've worked la i guess coz here we are closing in on our 1st anniversary.

the best thing is, with all the changes that i was going through, it was really a surprise to see that the senorita was also adapting and changing as well. i guess when u both have the same end in mind u'd work together to get there.. together.. hehe.

so yes i believe in love.
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