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boo.. u scared yet?

We had a very good dinner at the taman megah outlet of fatty crabs. Eju called me up whilst we were picking up the little munchkin from his grandma's. Asked if we would want to have dinner at fatty crabs. We have always wanted to go there since forever but never did got around to doing so. So we agreed and we said we'll meet them there in half an hours time. Since tlm was allergic to seafood and we didn't know if they served anything else i decided to go and buy his favorite prata cheese at the mamak downstairs.

Now on the way to the mamak's, i had to pass through the mcdonalds la kan. I saw that the counter to do the big mac chant challenge was open so i figured i'd give it a try. There was this kid in front of me with seven coupons to do the challenge. I was kinda nervous because i was afraid that the dream i had where i got toungetied whilst trying to do the challenge would come true. Anyways the kid did all his seven tries in 3 seconds. So he got seven free big mac coupons.

When it came to me, hehe, i did mine in 2 seconds. Hehe. Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce cheese pickles onions on a sesame seed bun. How romantic is that, winning a free big mac for ur loved one. Hehe.

the prize
free coupon for the 2 seconds effort

anyways we made our way to fatty crabs. eju and muz were already waiting. it was my first time. hehe sedap. and i don't really eat crabs. coz i am lazy like that. too lazy to get the meat out. hehe. but we went through a bunch of crabs. hehe and there must've been something in the gravy too. muz says jangan tanya. hehe.

the aftermath
macam kena bom..

i think i put on an extra 2 kilos just from that alone.

this morning we went for our monthly check up. the doctor was running late. we were told it was due to an emergency at the hospital she resided in. it was kinda expected la for us. i mean she was a busy doctor and all. there was however this one guy who wasn't taking things quietly. probably first time kot. he asked the receptionist, rather cynically and loudly, "doctor lambat pergi minum dulu ke?" terus grumbling might as well gi GH aje.

now i know la he had all the right to be like that. but come on la, the doctor would be responsible for ur wife when the critical time comes, do u really wanna piss her off? furthermore when it comes to the actual delivery, do u think when u stroll down to the hospital when the time comes, the baby can just plop come out according to ur own schedule? mau kena tunggu juga tau. so sabar-sabar la bang. hehe. i saw the wife was more relaxed than he was. chill laa. hehe.

little jj is growing, and accelerating at that. she's now 1.44 kilos. well the doctor estimated based on her scan thingy. that's about normal for this stage. we'll be seeing the doctor in two weeks interval now. we're entering the 29th week now. been getting things together for the big debut come july. woot woot.

back to business..

13)what was the scariest moment during ur relationship?
well some would say the moment before the akad nikah would be scary. it wasn't for me though. i had some practice. sigh. nope the scariest moment for me was when at one fleeting moment there was this possibility that the "us" in "we" was not to be..

all couple fights. u fight for a variety of reasons. the trivial to some might be major to others. earlier on in the relationship i think we fought because we were still getting used to each other. both of us just got out of a major relationship. both had their own way of handling stuff. i use to always wanna win. want to have the last word.

the senorita is headstrong and she doesn't want to settle for less. she didn't have to take crap from anyone.

most of the time it's just a simple misunderstanding. miscommunication. mis this mis that. we got into a major fight over celebrating our 1 year anniversary. i was stoopid. she wanted to surprise me. i thought she was giving excuses for not wanting to have a quick dinner on the day. stoopid stoopid stoopid.

we broke up. drama ensued.

i thought long and hard. i knew we had a good thing going on and we can make it work if we can overcome these niggling little things. but i guess i respected her enough to accept whatever decision that she had decided on. er, is that right? not!

i think there were a couple of occasions where she has decided that, that was it. she's tired of dealing with me. of having to pick up the pieces every time we decided to have a fight. if i were a weaker man i would have just let it go. we didn't have to waste any time.

but.. but but. i knew couldn't let her go.

er yep that was the scariest moment for me. the thought of losing the senorita..
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