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after 200m turn left..

ya'll have probably heard of the attack of the killer tomatoes? where u have giant tomatoes attacking and killing the people of earth? well ladies and gentlemen my bedroom is officially being taken over by killer pillows from the planet zzz. and today the leader of the pillow clan has made its appearance in the form of a 5 foot long theraline big v pillow. the senorita swears that its the most comfortablest thing ever. if u can just see the look on her face when she's using the pillow. hehe macam high semacam. hehe.

sudah dapat pillow bertuah, bantal hidup ni ditolak ketepi..uhuk uhuk uhuk uhuk..

hehe, well that's overly dramatic la kan.

10) if the two of u ever get lost whilst driving, would u stop and ask for directions?
now here is where the senorita and i make a great team. i don't admit that i'm lost and she doesn't read maps. if i ever miss a turn or a stop i would just go on till i find the next sign board or an opportunity to u-turn. she rarely miss any turn and if she did i wouldn't know because i probably won't even know the route.

in the event that we are lost, u can be sure of 2 things. one, i am driving. two, i am driving. she is the one who would be telling me to stop and i would probably be the one to go out and ask. now u know la how guys are. acting all cool when in fact u don't have a clue.

i remembered the time we were in langkawi. rented a car and drove around the island. this particular time it was dark. the roads were unfamiliar but signboard ade kan. hehe. anyways, i figured how can u get lost on an island, pusing-pusing for sure find ur way punye! plus the senorita got gps on her then e90 phone. for sure tak sesat punya. yeah right. we drove and drove until what seems like a really looong time especially when its dark la kan. spoooky. hehe.

nak berhenti and ask pun it wasn't like there were warong's left right and center. so u just have to keep on driving ajela. even the gps wasn't helpful as u can see ur position on the map but the roads weren't picked up. nokia maps tak updated kot.

i think the senorita was like sabar ajela laki aku ni. luckily we found our way in the end. luckily we didn't get stranded somewhere in no man's land. hehe.

but i think i have found a solution to my driving problem. hehe i'm trying out garminxt mobile on the e90. trying out the navigation as opposed the default nokia maps one. hehe such a gps newbie.

anyways, lemme be the first to admit that the senorita is much better driver and better at remembering routes and stuff. if she had driven there once, more often than not she would remember the way. unlike a certain someone yang dah berapa kali drive pergi rumah his best friend dekat dutaria tu pun tak ingat-ingat lagi jalan. or the dude yang everytime dia drive aje would seek confirmation from his co-pilot, "lepas ni kiri bb?" and each time passing the same landmark with the funny name would make the same jokes, "tadika siput, hehe siput".

hopefully she won't ever get tired of that la..
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