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Things u find in the closet..

We were at my in laws this evening. My mother in law had tasked us to feed her fishes and water the plants while she is away. They're all on a trip to terengganu. Tlm included. There's a family wedding and with the senorita already 'sarat' we didn't want to risk travelling (but treasure hunt buleh pergi eh??). We'll just go to the one in shah alam. Anyways, the senorita wanted my help to look for some documents. We had to go through a bunch of old documents from back when la kan. The senorita is definitely a pack rat. I mean looking at the way all the documents were neatly stacked and all and its dated back to ancient times. Zaman kesultanan melayu melaka. Hehe. Not. Notes from her uni days. Work stuff from previous employers. Macam-macam. Still we didn't find the file we were looking for.But i did find something really interesting. In a small corner of the room there was this one shrine with candles and all that and there it was, printed copies of my blog…

the heart is where its at..

the following is a sponsored post..

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you can also find a host of stories from people relating their experiences on surviving heart operations and the likes. for example you can see how this one patient who suffered from heart failure got an implantable cardioverter defibrillator to help regulate his heart.

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quick update..

standard pose..

the flying monkees entered the tribe toyota amazing trails 08 hunt. flagged off from subang and ended the hunt at the genting sempah rest area. this hunt was quite memorable, it signified the "last" hunt for the senorita for a while, well at least until a few months jugak. it also was the first time that i hauled my ass up the 272 flight of stairs at batu caves. i'm not doing that again anytime soon. legs still sore. it looked easy. not! heh.

we did quite okay for the questions, muz did his challenge drinking the blended concoction with ease, i kinda messed up mine with me all wobbly from the exertion at the stairs attempting to "pull tea". the last challenge was also okay, we had to guess 5 correct spices from a mixture of seven.

we kinda messed up on the treasures. heh.

ah well, we ended up 7th.

its a good break anyways. genting highlands was packed. i guess its the school holidays and all.

anyways, we got this logitech x540 speakers as our prize. j…

that's just super ain't it?

my brother asyiq went to see man u vs chelsea. how cool is that!! although he supports chelsea, and they lost, it is still an experience that u can't forget. being there in the stands. watching ur team. hehe.

i, being the gooner that i am just slept through the whole thing. heh. couldn't have cared less who won. hehe half expected chelsea to knick it just out of spite, but then again if they did win, arsenal can't be the first london team to win it la kan. heh. in the end the honors were united's.

ah well there's always next season. in the mean time, i'll be cheering the men in oranje for this summer's euro 08. hehe.

so guess what i'm doing now? of course i'm updating the blog here and now, hehe i've set up the computer in our office to share our izzi connection, so the gorgeous senorita is in there doing her thing and i'm in the living room doing mine. opened facebook. u know they do chat now right? so guess la what we're doing? hehe.

bb wh…

rush of blood to the head..

so i only manage to get up to q5. its not easy eh if u think about it. to write stuff about ur relationship and how things develop and what not. but i guess its always good to remember how things were, how everything started, how the love grew and what not. because sometimes when u've been with someone for so long u may start to get less patient and less tolerant towards the things that u found sooo attractive in the first place.

i dunno la about the rest of u but i'm definitely not there yet.

the senorita forwarded this one website to me showing some gift options of precious gemstones according to the number of years of ur anniversary. erks. bengkok jugak la kan if u want to give one every year. but surprisingly it doesn't look that expensive, hehe even if it is in usd. the currency kan tengah strengthening against the dollar. yeah right. people celebrate milestones such as ur first anniversary, 10 year anniversary, silver jubilee, golden jubilee. i think its good to celeb…

happy birthday du da..

birthday girl and boys..

my mom's ayam masak merah is da bomb. hehe the birthday do was overloaded with cake. hehe. but like i always say, u have to make room for dessert. in this case, u have to make room for cake..

5) does it really matter who's wrong or right?
hehe what kind of question that? entah. its 2 am and i'm watching the rerun of the AF concert, so go figure. btw, the two girl/boy duets were really interesting eh.

growing up, i use to have this strong inclination to always be right. most of the time i am la kan, sheah right. it even came to a point where i would rigorously defend my position. now things are easier, u can google a lot of stuff if ur not sure. back then u pretty much rely on books and ur ability to bullshit. hehe. but i seldom had to apologize because i'm seldom wrong. this kinda led me to always want to win arguments. this was not good la.

it's one thing to always want to win an argument because its ur job, like if ur a lawyer or something, or…

everything i need..

may is the month for birthdays. first it was the little munchkin's. then today its my sister jannah who's on a bus celebrating her birthday for the second time i think. and on monday its my nephew nabil. we're having a birthday do on sunday to celebrate the trifecta.

if my sister ima were alive she'd be celebrating her 35th birthday on the 17th. i still get all knotted up inside when i think about her. she's the big sister everyone would love to have. warm caring and very protective of her adiks. i guess god has plans for everyone right? al-fatihah.

6) did u find what u were looking for?
i wasn't really looking for anything. to be honest with ya'll, the chance encounter with the senorita came at a point in both our lives where we were not really looking for anything specific. well maybe that's just me la, she'd probably tell ya that she had her sights on me right from the off. hehe. not la in the freakish stalkerish kind of way. i guess she liked the t…

selamat hari guru..

the little munchkin was making a card for his teacher at school. i asked him la, papa tak dapat card ke? papa pun banyak ajar awak what? he said papa tunggu father's day.

father's day eh. hmmm why didn't we celebrate father's day last year? hmm was it during our honeymoon or something? hmm then it dawned on me. i'm gonna be a dad. well i'm already a dad but u know what i mean. it's reaally exciting. scary hasn't shown its ugly head yet so its all good..

there is a slight possibility that little jj could come earlier than expected. hmm anytime after 32 weeks eh. just hope everything goes as planned la.

7)how do u keep that loving feeling?
i guess there's no real secret to this. u just have to find a formula that works and just stick with it. i won't be presumptuous in thinking that i have got everything all figured out yet, year 1 is only the beginning. but i do have the benefit of learning from people's experiences and my own observations.


waaah u is so semart..

the whole mas vs air asia bickering is funny. on one hand u have the "pioneer" of low cost flights and on the other hand u have the state-backed carrier. who will win? for starters i don't give a flying fuck who does what to whom. who copied what. who gives free seats. who gives what offers. as long as there is competition, the consumer would definitely benefit. u have options. u choose. granted there is a valid argument in terms of fair competition between the two companies, when there is an element of protectionism favoring one over the other. but if this translates into lower prices and better offers then isn't that a good thing?

saw the news, tf of air asia was saying that mas is copying air asia's strategy. that must mean what airasia's doing is working. low price for all. but the low prices was not without some sacrifices. no frills really means no frills. and then when ur becoming a monopoly, u tend neglect stuff. u become lax. services starts to suck.

u plus me equals we.. or ume...

so the little munchkin has art for his exam tomorrow. he wanted to do this diorama kinda thing. he asked my help to wrap the shoe box that he will be using. i tried for almost 10 minutes before giving up. i forgot how i sucked at arts and crafts. the gorgeous senorita was then called in as reinforcement. she did the job effortlessly. well almost la.

i guess that's down to her being artsy in nature.

and the fact that i'm not that good with my hands la kan..

although maybe the senorita has something to say about that.. hehe

9) how do u complement each other?
well yes. every morning when i wake up i tell her that she's the most beautifulest woman in the whole wide universe. er itu compliment eh? complement.. ah okay.

well the senorita and i complement one another in many ways. i'm the beast to her beauty. i'm the good cop to her bad cop. i'm the fish to her chips. ah u get the idea.

the funny thing is that we are as different as u can get. she can be very confrontational…

after 200m turn left..

ya'll have probably heard of the attack of the killer tomatoes? where u have giant tomatoes attacking and killing the people of earth? well ladies and gentlemen my bedroom is officially being taken over by killer pillows from the planet zzz. and today the leader of the pillow clan has made its appearance in the form of a 5 foot long theraline big v pillow. the senorita swears that its the most comfortablest thing ever. if u can just see the look on her face when she's using the pillow. hehe macam high semacam. hehe.

sudah dapat pillow bertuah, bantal hidup ni ditolak ketepi..uhuk uhuk uhuk uhuk..

hehe, well that's overly dramatic la kan.

10) if the two of u ever get lost whilst driving, would u stop and ask for directions?
now here is where the senorita and i make a great team. i don't admit that i'm lost and she doesn't read maps. if i ever miss a turn or a stop i would just go on till i find the next sign board or an opportunity to u-turn. she rarely miss any tur…

go ahead.. make my day..

my mom came over that sunday. my wan alang from pahang wanted to come visit. so my dad, fresh from one oh his more successful fishing jaunts and my sister ana came along. i asked my mom to call once they left the house. the senorita wanted to get the timing right because she was preparing some cucur. didn't want to do it too early in case it gets cold but u won't wanna do it too late oso.

anyways they came over just around half past five. my wan alang used to be a midwife u see. she can tell a lot from looking and listening to the mom's tummy. i kid u not. in those days without ultrasound and 4d scans, the more experience midwives usually can guess it right.

when she was listening to the senorita's tummy, she commented that the little jj is "kembar air" or water twin as opposed to "kembar darah". something about there's a lot of fluids inside the amniotic sac causing little jj to "swim" easily inside the senorita's belly. hehe i…

do u believe..

My friend ahmad came over in the afternoon. I asked him to join me and the little munchkin for lunch at mcd. Tlm always has mcd after his tae kwon do. Ahmad came in his sweet new ride. When it comes to him and cars i always have this one thing to say. U see i drive a kelisa. That's my first and current car. He had driven a civic bullet, a satria r3 and now its a ford focus hatchback. With the kelisa i gotten myself the gorgeous senorita. He hasn't found someone as yet. Well not fo the lack of trying la kan. But i guess its not about the car u drive eh. Hehe. sorry mad eh.

Anyways we were talking about my sister ana. Ana is doing what she loves with her songwriting and taking it a step further with her youtube and myspace. She's even in talks to record an album. Well i remembered back in the days, me and ahmad and our pipe dreams of making music and making it big. Hehe. We wrote songs, we went through that whole finding our own style. But we never really went out and did any…

boo.. u scared yet?

We had a very good dinner at the taman megah outlet of fatty crabs. Eju called me up whilst we were picking up the little munchkin from his grandma's. Asked if we would want to have dinner at fatty crabs. We have always wanted to go there since forever but never did got around to doing so. So we agreed and we said we'll meet them there in half an hours time. Since tlm was allergic to seafood and we didn't know if they served anything else i decided to go and buy his favorite prata cheese at the mamak downstairs.

Now on the way to the mamak's, i had to pass through the mcdonalds la kan. I saw that the counter to do the big mac chant challenge was open so i figured i'd give it a try. There was this kid in front of me with seven coupons to do the challenge. I was kinda nervous because i was afraid that the dream i had where i got toungetied whilst trying to do the challenge would come true. Anyways the kid did all his seven tries in 3 seconds. So he got seven free big …

descriptions of love..

we celebrated the little munchkin's birthday on yesterday. twas just a family affair with the gorgeous senorita getting the cake and me distracting the little munchkin whilst the senorita lit the candles and brought the cake out. the plan is to have a bash with his cousins dekat keramat nanti. so lets see la how.

my boy is now 11 years old. hehe big boy. so looking forward to getting a little sister. although tak buleh ajak main bola ka main combat or wrestling i'm sure the little munchkin would be a great big brother to little jj nanti.

14) how do u best describe urself when ur with her?
well lemme spell it out for u. H.A.P.P.Y hehe. but seriously. being with the senorita, makes me want to be a much better person than what i was. u can't help but to be infected by her enthusiasm and overwhelmed with her love.

when i'm with her more often than not i'm just being myself. well except when i'm asleep. i don't really know what i become. i know occasionally i snore…


i had a phone emergency yesterday. hehe in my unbridled eagerness to fiddle around with the E90, i managed to render it inoperable. switched it on and there was a system error and a "phone start-up failed. please contact retailer" heh. at first i feared i might have messed up the phone enough that i'd be left with an expensive piece of brick on my hands. but i didn't panic. i took out my sim card and started the phone on offline mode. good thing it still can start but still there was an error message. fiddled around some more. found out that i was pretty much screwed. only a hard reset could save me. now i think this is a tip for all to share. every now and then when u back up ur phone, don't forget to back up your memory card as well. in my case once i had hard reset the phone and once i switched on the phone, it tried to read the files which i have installed on the card. i think la that's what happened. so it ended up setting a password on the micro sd card…

what's that rattling inside ur pockets..

ah change is always good eh? i'm starting a new job now. suppose to move a floor down but they don't really have a place for me but i might just move anyways. hehe, do i have to change the blog title? hmm maybe temporarily or maybe i won't bother. heard murmurs that we would probably be based on level 35 anyways later so fudge it.

the training that i went to was kinda aptly timed. i found out a lot about myself, my career anchors and the things that motivates me. ideally u would want to be doing something that gives u pleasure. but the pleasure u derive from work can also change depending on how passionate u are in ur work. pleasure.. passion.. hmm where am i going with this? hehe gatal.

anyways, the new job hopefully would provide enough challenges and opportunities for me to grow and become a better person personally and professionally.

talking about changes..

16) How has the senorita change u?
in a relationship, u can't really force someone to change. u can try but most …

do u really need a reason..

I have a three day training stint at the moment. Career planning for dummies. Well not really but to that effect la. It's 2 days in a hotel in kl and 1 day at the office. The participants are mostly new staff with the exception of a few who had been with the company for more than 5 years. Me included.

I pretty much learnt about what motivates me in terms of my career, what my career anchors are and how do i take advantage of it to plan for my career.

What was funny was that i met this one girl who was from my old high school. She used to be the girlfriend to this one friend of mine. Small world eh? Macam jejak kasih plak. Naz was also there so jadi la mini reunion ex-mrsm pc. Hopefully it would be more of the same interesting bits tomorrow.

17) What do you love about the senorita?
I think i'm stopping with the stroll down memory lane for a bit and write about stuff at random. Well actually it's not all random la kan coz my designated muse has done me a big favor by listing dow…

Lazy sunday..

I'm watching the gunners vs everton on telly at the moment. The game is somewhat meaningless as any slim chance that was left to win the league evaporated with man u trouncing west ham 4-1 yesterday. So only chelsea could match man u now but clearly the title is their's to lose.We went to one utama in the morning after sending the little munchkin to his tae kwon do. Its his best friends birthday and after telling us that he was making something for his friend it turned out that he didn't do it. So we had to go and get something. The senorita found this interesting book at mph which we got. There's an abundance of choices for children's books. There were even some parents that we saw reading to their children at the children's corner. Good activity eh.We did some shopping for baby clothes and groceries before heading home. Now where were we..18) how long did it take for u to fall in love?
Well the weekend of smsing and missed phone calls after that first friday …

next on ze lizt..

it was an early start for the day, the senorita had this appointment with this one makcik to sort out some post natal care bits. the little munchkin didn't have any extra classes so i asked my mom if it would be okay for us to leave him at her place in the mean time. my mom had to go back to pahang for a wedding but my sister ana didn't mind babysitting so it was all good.

we had breakfast and made our way to lembah keramat. caught my sister ita with my two nephew nabil and aidil with little farzana just as they are about to head back to puchong.

the makcik's place was way down in selayang. as usual i kinda got the directions messed up and we made an unnecessary detour. but we got there in the end. it rained just as we were finishing up and it poured as we made our way back to pick the little munchkin up.

aanyways back to ze biznes at hand..

19) what did you want to do next?
now after the first date, er can we count that as a first date ke? well i guess. hehe, i was excited. i …

20 questions..

when u measure a performance of a company, u always look at ur previous performances. so in the context of my marriage, i think i've surpassed the previous one by miles.okay la it's not that hard when the standard was set so low. i'm sure the senorita would agree.

anyways, its the month of may. apart from mother's day this coming 11th and the little munchkin's birthday on the 7th, the gorgeous senorita and i will be celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary. so to set the mood, i told the senorita that i would be writing every single day till the 20th. hehe, lets hope i can keep it up.

so lets play 20 questions.

20) what did u think when u first saw her?
well when i saw her online on yahoo i figured there's no harm in chatting with her. said hello. made small talk. hehe. asked her out for coffee, coz there's never any harm in coffee right? well unless you take bucket loads of coffee. too much caffeine ain't good eh. she had been leaving comments on the blog a…

The little things..

there are a lot of things that your little boy can say to make ur day. there's the usual "i love u papa", and then there's my current favourite "tlm nak tidor rumah nenek malam ni buleh?" yeay. papa and mama buleh bergurau senda kat rumah. hehe. that sounds so bad eh. but in truth, its not really that bad la. for those who have yet to have kids of their own, ya'll just wait la.

so it's a public holiday. since the little munchkin decided to sleep at his grandma's the gorgeous senorita and i decided to finish watching prison break season 3. we watched the first part of the season right until michael scofield was taken out of sona. when we went to keramat the other day, i saw that my brother ijai already bought the second part of the series so i borrowed it.

the ending was kinda anti-climatic. the whole escape from sona was not as elaborate as the fox river break out. and there were still some questions left unanswered. hehe a quick googling confirm…