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when u can't really write what u really want to write..

i was having some sort of writer's block. but i think it's self imposed more than anything. i had this one assignment which i had to do but i was struggling to find the points to write. i think i'm not that good a writer in the sense that i can't really write on the fly. it's like when ur answering an exam essay question. u have a question, which pretty much is a clear direction of what u need to write.

so i guess i'm not that good at pitching things. ideas or whatever. i need some sort of guide, input or maybe just for my muse to dance naked in front of me doing her thing.

i'm not really making any sense.

anyways, the week's two champion's league semifinal both ended up in draws. chelsea seems to be edging it with their gifted away own goal. man u managed to contain barca so it would be an interesting encounter down at the old trafford. but do i really care? hehe. nope not really. it's always nice to get a good night's sleep. rather than staying up to watch your team lose. hah.

we're watching this one gameshow on starworld. are you smarter than a fifth grader. well you would think that this one would be a cinch but you'd be surprise on how difficult the questions can be. i guess it's a matter of not remembering the answers from the time that you learnt it back in school. i have to admit it is possible. sometimes when i try to teach the little munchkin science or grammar, i still have to refer to the textbook. you would think that yeah once u learn something it'll stick but that's often not the case.

try this. if Y=3X and 3X=12 what is Y?

the lady wanted to say 4. good thing she dropped out. she goes home with 50 thousand dollars.

talk about getting paid for not being smart.
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