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start your day with a whole lotta lovin..

breakfast of champs..

The day started off with a dilemma somewhat. This morning the senorita prepared a really hearty breakfast. Continental style. Hehe. Okay la there were no crumpets and jam but there were eggs, frank and beans. Now, the breakfast was just the icing on the cake. I woke up much earlier, took a shower. I got out, saw the gorgeous senorita smiling on the bed, and shortly afterwards I had to shower again.

Now what does that have anything to do with dilemmas? Well whilst we were having breakfast I just thought that, heck being there with someone you love sure beats the hell out of going to the office like a slave to the grind. But I guess bills have to be paid eh. Its not like we both can skip and just chill at the house doing 'nothing'.

Ah well. At least it’s a Friday. We decided to go out on a date after work. It had been a while since we went out. And with the gorgeous senorita well into her pregnancy, it was getting less comfortable to walk around. But I guess we do need our exercise eh. So it was off to Sunway Pyramid. I must admit that the abundance of choices is really overwhelming. I mean the shops - there's so much you can find if you look well enough.

We had dinner at Kenny Rogers. The senorita was telling me how she enjoyed the lamb chops. I had the black pepper chicken. Table talk was surrounding more random ramblings. How much money does a country singer make? If Kenny was that rich how come his name wasn't in the Forbes list shown on E. that sort of thing. I wondered if the restaurant were to play any other music than Kenny Rogers would they get in trouble? Hehe. There weren't many people there. The bulk of the crowd I figured opted for Wendy’s instead. Hmm, not to self must try them square shaped burgers.

After dinner we walked around the IT center. I was surprised to find that the price of a microSD memory card had fallen significantly. 1GB is only RM 35! I remembered it being well into the hundreds. Don’t know if that was for a fake card or not. Since I’ve been using the e90, the urge to look at other gadgets has kind of died down. Hehe there's so much you can do with the phone its ridiculous. I had set up mail for exchange to sync my corporate email with the phone. Not only can u use your 3g connection u could also use wi-fi. And did u know that Sunway pyramid has free wi-fi? I didn't, but I do now! A quick sync and my work email is downloaded. Like I’m going to do anything work related during the weekends. Heh.

We decided to go shop for some stuff afterwards. The senorita was looking for some new breasticles. One of the many positive side effects of being pregnant. Hehe. I told her that I used to be good with estimating the size just by tou.. eh looking at it. We tried to see if I still had it. So I told the senorita what I thought would be her size. She went to the fitting room and said hehe I was right. Can I put that in my resume?

It was baby clothes next. Jusco had like a members day sale thingy where u get 15% off most items. So we got some clothes for the jumping jellybean. Hehe baby clothes are soooo cute. We got pink cause pink is for pwincesses. Blue and brown if she's feeling neutral and also white cause u can't go wrong with white eh. So now we have to figure out where to put all the baby stuff. Hmm.

All in all it was a good night out. We picked up the little munchkin at his grandma's, tucked him in and now I’m sitting here updating this old blog. I’m trying to find some apps to install on the phone. The sexy senorita has dubbed me responsible to fill up her phone with cool addictive games. I found a few - she's already hooked on this one solitaire game. Still waiting to finish downloading some more. I also got her a cool app to automatically screen unwanted callers and stuff.

I think the senorita has made me shift my tech preference. I never thought I would love Mac before I met her. It was always SonyEricsson before and now I’ve dipped into Nokia. I’m resigned to ditching palm for the lure of symbian s60. Hehe who says you can't really change a man eh?
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