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of good friends and free desserts..

so the birthday celebration came and went. it started off with a trip down to mcd. the night crowd was surprisingly thicker than usual. so i was kinda outta place with my bright orange jersey and kain pelikat.

apple pie and chocolate sundae.. kain pelikat not shown..

tak makan banyak pun. i came to the office in the morning and the guys at the department thought it would be nice to have a birthday lunch. we ordered domino's pizza and had them deliver. after friday prayers, it was all pizza and chicken wings. hehe. became an impromptu department meeting plak. kinda macam farewell jugak of sorts. yeah la since i'm moving departments soon. but enuff about that.

the plan was to meet the gorgeous senorita for dinner at chili's. yes, we're cheap. we want the free dessert. heh. so i finished work around 6.45 and the senorita was already in isetan browsing the maternity department. so i made my way over. she wasn't there. called her and she was reserving the table at chili's. usually its a 30 minutes wait anyways. when i said i'll go to her she said takpe tunggu aje kat situ. so kita tunggu la kan. bila dia datang tu dok buat aksi sorok-sorok dekat belakang some pinkish looking childrens clothes.

so semasa nak nunggu makan tu we browsed around la the maternity department. she asked what i thought about this one top. lawa tak bb? lawa i said. hehe dah beli. aah okay. i've learnt that sometimes when they ask questions ni the answer tu dah memang ade dah pun. so kita try to play safe la. hehe.

sambil tengah browse tu the senorita was busy smsing. work kot. tetiba she asked me about this brain child book which i borrowed from my mom. how it was just lounging on the table at our apartment. so buku apa yang i would read, and not leave lying around? er playboy? BB! eh er risk management for dummies? ala bb, buku lain takde? well i've always loved stephen king. ooh okay. i asked la er someone's buying me a book ke? takde la. hmm something fishy ni.

hehe anyways i wanted to show her the cool 20 Questions toy. but that infernal machine couldn't guess her baby bottle sterilizer! it got my two tries right. i thought off a magic 8 ball and psp and it guessed it right. well a video games console is close la kan.

so after that we went to chili's. i did ask if we were meeting anyone else there. she said takde. well it was just the two of us during her birthday. so i don't have a problem with that la kan. tapi sampai kat depan chili's tu i thought i saw muz. muz who surreptitiously asked me to go for bowling untuk celebrate birthday. hmm bowling or dinner with the gorgeous senorita. bzzt. hehe nothing to consider pun kan.

ah well bau ikan semakin kuat. we went in and surprise-surprise it was muz and eju waiting for us. hehe surprised jugak sebab i thought eju was in jakarta or something. a moment later naz plak showed up. so it was the five of us. ordered our food. and then surprise-surprise ahmad plak showed up. hehe now i must say that it was very pleasantla kan.

the trademark acat two finger pose..

dessert.. is served..

turns out it was muz and eju who asked about thebook. so i got meself the latest stephen king novel,duma key. we had a really good chat jugak. ahmad updated on what's current. so did naz who i haven't seen for a while jugak - despite working in the same building. eju and muz is always good company. and the gorgeous senorita always keeps me warm at night. hehe.

thanks guys for a hella of a time..

the stuff that we talked ranged from the current high crude oil price environment and local corporate development and some other juicy bits and gossip - all of which could well have been fodder for a dozen blog entries hehe. but then again some things are better left un'blogged. hehe.

anyways, it was a late drive home. but the night wasn't over yet. the senorita gave me the birthday card she had picked out.


i love u too bb.

p/s thanks a bunch for all the birthday wishes guys.
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