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hujung minggu yang riang..

waah. sudah lama tidak mahu apedet.

a lot happened since the last update. jj's kicking has intensified. the gorgeous senorita would just motion for me to come over and feel her tummy. if she calls for me, little jj would just stop kicking. agaknye dia dengar and saja nak nyakat her dad kot. pandai budak ni. hehe.

the company had our annual appreciation dinner thingy last friday. the theme was orange and black. for some reason, i wasn't really in the mood to dress up. so it was just the orangeish tie for me. the senorita was effortlessly gorgeous with a black and white top. siap gi to this accessory shop to get something orange. dapat la gelang oren. okay aa kan.

sexy momma..

the dinner was held at this hotel in kl. the entertainment was primarily provided by roy of sejahtera malaysia fame and ezlynn hi hi bye bye. hehe. the band was also playing nice hits while we ate. overall the event was okay aa. hehe unlike last year this year i didn't have to sing.

that saturday we went to seremban for my cousin's wedding part deux. met up with all the pakcik and makcik. seperti biasa dok beaming showing off the senorita. hehe. sempat lagi dok berkaraoke. hehe. sang the senorita's favourite song. gadisku. hehe pastu gatal. dok nyanyi lagu misteri mimpi syakila. hehe. brother dj tu siap mintak nyanyi lagu fantasia bulan madu - hehe which i sang last week kat gombak! hehe. macam bagus ajekan? hehe the senorita sure segan nengok laki dia. hehe. ah well.

the three musketeers..

saturday night plak nengok bola kat keramat. hehe finally dapat nengok the gunners win. sheesh. it could've been more than the 2-0 but tak bleh nak complain la kan. hehe hari tu kata takmo tengok dah the senorita reminded. hehe hmm nak buat camna dah minat bola. since it was already late, the senorita decided to freshen up. takla bawak extra baju so she put one of my mom's shirt and kain batik.

hehe..shirt and kain batik.. hmm


anyways, i brought my brother's n95 with me to kinda fix it. well just nak update the firmware aje la since his phone was corrupted. so all was okay and i told him to come pick it up at the office. so pagi tadi dia offer la to go buy the famous burger abang that i've been telling the senorita about. the one that doesn't open during weekends tu. so tadi around pukul 10 pm datang la special delivery burger abang 7/11. hehe.

burpp kenyang. macam kita plak yang craving..
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