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hmm macam-macam..

so i decided to give izzi broadband a try. now this is a first for me in the sense that i didn't bother to do my homework in checking for customer feedback. seriously. okay la tak serious. lepas i decided to buy, baru gi check. hehe mixed feedback jugak i guess. depending on where you are in the klang valley area. got the izziyou package with the usb iburst modem thingy.

tested it in the office. the connection sucks. a quick speedtest got me only 110 kbps download speed. only just 10% of the 1Mbps stated on the box. but given it was the 35th floor and maybe there other factors at play la kan. there was a 7 day money back policy on the deal so i guess i could still return it if the speed sucked balls down at the apartment.

first test i did at the apartment i got 500 kbps. just now it reached 947 kbps. so i have to say that it's much better than the 3g speeds that i've been getting on my phone. so maybe we'll stick with this la for a bit and see how it goes. they're doing a promotion for the izzi packages. u pay up front for a year and u get the modem for free. did the 12 month interest free payment thingy. works out to about RM 105 per month.

but like i said before there's a schedule for u to try it out. within 7 days u could return it if the speeds aren't satisfactory in your area. the full details of their return policy can be found here.

and nope this post is not sponsored by izzi.

anyways, i so love kelana jaya. specifically i love my place. its so convenient! not only that i'm well chuffed that the broadband speeds were great, you can pretty much get everything u want close by. i've gotten all worked out about the mcd downstairs. giant. subway. apa lagi. well the gorgeous senorita had another one of those 'is it a craving' phase. when she saw a kfc ad on telly. she just had to have coleslaw and mash 'tatters.

awak nak ke bb? u want me to go buy for u?
sheepish grin tapi dah makan..hmm
lemme get for u kay..

best tak ade 24 hours kfc just down the road.

so i was playing my psp on the lrt coming back from work. tiba-tiba this one makcik tegur me and asked dik berape eh mesin awak main tu? er.. i answered la kan. tu la mahal jugak eh. anak makcik sibuk nak suruh belikan. i asked la how old her kid was. std 4. heh. i told the makcik tak payah la beli. just tell her kid that uncle yang dalam lrt tu umur nak dekat 30 pun baru beli for himself. heh kids nowdays.

when that makcik got off. this other auntie plak nak make conversations. eh itu game ape u main? er.. the machine ke the game i asked? oh itu hari i bought a helicopter game for my son, dia tak suka susah. game u main nampak macam easy. well it's wipeout pulse. how much is the disk? er.. saya download aje. ohh. tak rosak ke ur psp? hmm kena jaga lakan. ohh i tot kalau modify nanti ur psp can masuk virus la ape la. hmm dalam hati i, apa la orang kedai sony tu sudah bagi tau dia. well whatever it was, running custome firmware for your psp doesn't wreck it. well if u follow the instructions correctly la kan. hehe.

melalut jugak saya eh.

anyways, we went to our last ante-natal class. we covered c-sections, birth plans and bits on post natal care. it was eye-opening the number of births via c-section. we wanted to ask the specific statistics for the hospital we're going but i guess you can't really say la how ur experience would be like since each pregnancy is different. but we did asked around and our doctor had a good normal delivery rate la kan. hopefully everything would turn out okay la.

so now its back to the internet and them pregnancy books. its almost 6 months already. can u believe how fast time flies? and on the subject of how fast time flies.. its coming up to a year since the gorgeous senorita and i tied the knot. waah. tup tup dah nak sambut first year anniversary? hehe waaaah. waaaaahh. hehe.

dah. penat.
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