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another one bites the dust..

9.29 pm
i was watching the gunners trailing liverpool and then i decided to just fudge it and watch the AF concert instead.

although i had to suffer through faisal's rendition of sentuhan kecundang.. the gunners drew level. tinggal a few more minutes hopefully the singing will get better and the gunners can score another one..

9.43 pm
no such luck. another bore draw. FU#$ sabar. hmm tarik nafas. concert AF is promising more entertainment. i have a itchy feeling that little jj might not be a gunners fan after all. hmm. hehe. tak mo dia ikut uncle and auntie penyokong liverpool kat rumah tu.. tidaaaak.. hehe

9.50 pm
what's with the purple barney dress lufya?

aah maleh la with all this running commentary. these AF kids dunno ROCK. suck balls.

anyways, we had a wedding in the morning. a close friend of mine asked if i could mc her upacara merenjis. this task is just one takup lower than a full mc. she asked me to do it since a while back la kan. i figured why not la. so we arrived around 10ish. all clad in pink. the gorgeous senorita also looked radiant in her pinkish get up. met the aunt who clued me in on last minute changes and what not. and just waited for the groom to come.

presenting the pinkies
mr and mrs pink..

met an old friend who came all the way from indonesia. hehe sudah lama tidak ketemu dengan ema. hehe.

old times
remember this?

the groom arrived literally with a bus. i mean there was a bus parked byt the roadside and the grooms rombongan made their way to the waiting bride. anyways the nikah went without a hitch. sekali lafaz. so congratulations to keena and abol. good luck with the whole being married thing. i'm sure you'll do just fine..

after the wedding we went back to my moms. my sister, nephews and niece were in melaka. the house does seem a little bit quiet. but that's probably down to my brother ijai and adi being off to australia. ijai won a lucky draw at his company's annual dinner. free tickets and accommodation at sydney hilton. they left last wednesday. hehe hopefully ade souvenirs la kan. hehe. aussie playboy? hehe oh wait i think we already have that?

hmm not bad gak mama rina ni.. metallica siut.. hehe hehe my pick for best performance for the night. heheh.

anyway again.. dah.. penaat.
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