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start your day with a whole lotta lovin..


The day started off with a dilemma somewhat. This morning the senorita prepared a really hearty breakfast. Continental style. Hehe. Okay la there were no crumpets and jam but there were eggs, frank and beans. Now, the breakfast was just the icing on the cake. I woke up much earlier, took a shower. I got out, saw the gorgeous senorita smiling on the bed, and shortly afterwards I had to shower again.

Now what does that have anything to do with dilemmas? Well whilst we were having breakfast I just thought that, heck being there with someone you love sure beats the hell out of going to the office like a slave to the grind. But I guess bills have to be paid eh. Its not like we both can skip and just chill at the house doing 'nothing'.

Ah well. At least it’s a Friday. We decided to go out on a date after work. It had been a while since we went out. And with the gorgeous senorita well into her pregnancy, it was getting less comfortable to walk around. But I guess we do need our …

when u can't really write what u really want to write..

i was having some sort of writer's block. but i think it's self imposed more than anything. i had this one assignment which i had to do but i was struggling to find the points to write. i think i'm not that good a writer in the sense that i can't really write on the fly. it's like when ur answering an exam essay question. u have a question, which pretty much is a clear direction of what u need to write.

so i guess i'm not that good at pitching things. ideas or whatever. i need some sort of guide, input or maybe just for my muse to dance naked in front of me doing her thing.

i'm not really making any sense.

anyways, the week's two champion's league semifinal both ended up in draws. chelsea seems to be edging it with their gifted away own goal. man u managed to contain barca so it would be an interesting encounter down at the old trafford. but do i really care? hehe. nope not really. it's always nice to get a good night's sleep. rather than sta…

hujung minggu yang riang..

waah. sudah lama tidak mahu apedet.

a lot happened since the last update. jj's kicking has intensified. the gorgeous senorita would just motion for me to come over and feel her tummy. if she calls for me, little jj would just stop kicking. agaknye dia dengar and saja nak nyakat her dad kot. pandai budak ni. hehe.

the company had our annual appreciation dinner thingy last friday. the theme was orange and black. for some reason, i wasn't really in the mood to dress up. so it was just the orangeish tie for me. the senorita was effortlessly gorgeous with a black and white top. siap gi to this accessory shop to get something orange. dapat la gelang oren. okay aa kan.

sexy momma..

the dinner was held at this hotel in kl. the entertainment was primarily provided by roy of sejahtera malaysia fame and ezlynn hi hi bye bye. hehe. the band was also playing nice hits while we ate. overall the event was okay aa. hehe unlike last year this year i didn't have to sing.

that saturday we went to…

tiada lagi bola.. hmph..

the features are getting clearer..

so we went to our monthly check up with the doctor. everything is as it should be. apart from the slight "mom gaining more weight than usual" bit. the thing is, i remembered distinctly that the doctor advised that i should always strive to keep the mom happy. get her whatever she wants to eat. skang ni? hmm. i don't think the gorgeous senorita has put on much weight pun. hehe but i guess i'm biased. hehe.

at the clinic updating..

anyways we went to my cousin's wedding immediately after the check up. oh the little munchkin was behaving himself at the clinic all the while. good boy. hehe. we stopped over at my mom's since it was still early. when we got there the senorita got herself all comfortable at my mom's place. terus decide against going. so it was me, my dad and sister ana in one car. and tlm followed my nephews and niece with my sister in the other car.

hmm ape yang ganjil..

so selamat pengantin baru to fizan and his l…

of good friends and free desserts..

so the birthday celebration came and went. it started off with a trip down to mcd. the night crowd was surprisingly thicker than usual. so i was kinda outta place with my bright orange jersey and kain pelikat.

apple pie and chocolate sundae.. kain pelikat not shown..

tak makan banyak pun. i came to the office in the morning and the guys at the department thought it would be nice to have a birthday lunch. we ordered domino's pizza and had them deliver. after friday prayers, it was all pizza and chicken wings. hehe. became an impromptu department meeting plak. kinda macam farewell jugak of sorts. yeah la since i'm moving departments soon. but enuff about that.

the plan was to meet the gorgeous senorita for dinner at chili's. yes, we're cheap. we want the free dessert. heh. so i finished work around 6.45 and the senorita was already in isetan browsing the maternity department. so i made my way over. she wasn't there. called her and she was reserving the table at chili…

another notch on the age tree..

10 minutes to go till midnight. the gorgeous senorita and i are planning to celebrate my birthday at the stroke of midnight, the traditional raffali clan style, by having desert at mcd. hehe. woot woot.

she gave me a really nice timberland backpack for my birthday. couldn't wait till the day itself probably she was sick of seeing me with that bag that i got from last 2 years conference i went to. best woo. hehe what i always wanted pun. hehe.

anyways, its just going to be a short one. hehe. nanti tambah some more.

tippy toe down to mckedidi ya'll..

the late night/early morning mcdonalds jaunt really did the trick. saja aje suggested that to the gorjes senorita. hehe it was a ruse really, coz we all know sape yang sebenornye nak makan the mcdonalds. he he he.

we had a chat while dining. we were the only two customers there. agaknya the mcd staff sure pelik semacam when we started laughing. maleh nak go into details la kan, suffice to say that the butt of the jokes would serve as fodder for a many times ahead. hehe.

i woke up kinda early to vacum the house. last week sudah cuti. this week sudah tidak buleh cuti. hehe. i don't think i'm much of a morning person la before. kalau masa uni dulu time weekends aje kalau tak pukul 12 baru bangun tak sah. but biasela kan. semakin matang ni, kena la berubah la kan. me? matang? hmm must be pre-birthday week blues. hah.

the gorjes senorita has this habit of sitting behind me watching the telly while i update my blog on her mac. and every time i get distracted with the tv she'll gen…

looking like a cowboy and lovin it..

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another one bites the dust..

9.29 pm
i was watching the gunners trailing liverpool and then i decided to just fudge it and watch the AF concert instead.

although i had to suffer through faisal's rendition of sentuhan kecundang.. the gunners drew level. tinggal a few more minutes hopefully the singing will get better and the gunners can score another one..

9.43 pm
no such luck. another bore draw. FU#$ sabar. hmm tarik nafas. concert AF is promising more entertainment. i have a itchy feeling that little jj might not be a gunners fan after all. hmm. hehe. tak mo dia ikut uncle and auntie penyokong liverpool kat rumah tu.. tidaaaak.. hehe

9.50 pm
what's with the purple barney dress lufya?

aah maleh la with all this running commentary. these AF kids dunno ROCK. suck balls.

anyways, we had a wedding in the morning. a close friend of mine asked if i could mc her upacara merenjis. this task is just one takup lower than a full mc. she asked me to do it since a while back la kan. i figured why not la. so we arrived around …

hmm macam-macam..

so i decided to give izzi broadband a try. now this is a first for me in the sense that i didn't bother to do my homework in checking for customer feedback. seriously. okay la tak serious. lepas i decided to buy, baru gi check. hehe mixed feedback jugak i guess. depending on where you are in the klang valley area. got the izziyou package with the usb iburst modem thingy.

tested it in the office. the connection sucks. a quick speedtest got me only 110 kbps download speed. only just 10% of the 1Mbps stated on the box. but given it was the 35th floor and maybe there other factors at play la kan. there was a 7 day money back policy on the deal so i guess i could still return it if the speed sucked balls down at the apartment.

first test i did at the apartment i got 500 kbps. just now it reached 947 kbps. so i have to say that it's much better than the 3g speeds that i've been getting on my phone. so maybe we'll stick with this la for a bit and see how it goes. they're do…

Clean slate..

On your way to work via the lrt, if you look at the river banks as you reach pasar seni, you could see some really nice graffiti artworks. Its been there for a while i think.

Today they've painted over it. Bland concrete color.

How long do you think that'll last before some new artwork crops up?
I pressed send before i had the chance to finish.

Anyways, its funny how sometimes you do stuff that's so okay when you're together but totally inappropriate when you're in public? Like grabbing your wife's ass while queueing up at kfc. Okay la granted it wasn't like a grope but more like a prolonged pat on the tush. Sometimes it just comes naturally.

Or maybe i'm just gatal.

In my defence, its very difficult to resist la. Goyang-goyang. Kedek-kedek. Rasa macam nak jump aje. Er but i guess that's content for another kind of blog la kot.

Ah well, that's just how it goes la kot.

The object of my desire..

I want to have a look at your balls. Said in steve martin's faux french accent in pink panther. Your big brass bowls.

Well in my case i'm buying tennis balls. And footie socks. To fashion my own massage apparatus for the gorgeous senorita's lower back. Since apparently when we tried it during one of the ante natal sessions it felt really good. For the senorita la kan. What we concluded was that i suck at giving massages and it felt really good playing with balls.

Now that doesn't sound right eh. ;-)