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weekend lounge act..

so it was yet another interesting session at the ante-natal class. it was all about breast feeding. christine started off asking us to list down the advantages and disadvantages of breast feeding and using formula. breast feeding came out trumps la. the mother's antibodies are passed to the baby. the nutrition that the baby needs to grow all strong and healthy. but she acknowledges that sometimes it can be challenging for working moms to start working and continue to breast feed.

later on it was a quick lesson on the techniques to get the baby latched on to the breast. it sounded so mechanical at first. getting the baby's nose to be aligned with the mom's nipple. then slowly as the baby's mouth is widest you latched the baby and wallah he'll start sucking. if u do it correctly you'll probably prevent injury to your nipple. when we saw the video nampak macam senang aje all the babies 'melekap' dekat their main source of sustenance. hehe. nope tak jeles pon.

after the baby is born, and when they start to suckle nanti, they will of course start to bobo. or poo poo. or what ever u may call it la kan. u can tell from the color of the poo, whether or not there's any problems with the baby and what not. can tell eh. how cool is that.

i do foresee adding poo expert in my resume once little jj comes out nanti.

better get use to it..

anyways we went to seremban 2 saturday afternoon. my mak teh was having an aqiqah for her 4th cucu from her eldest son. incidentally semua anak dia perempuan ok. hehe. cute cute belaka. met all the relatives. hehe was smiling proudly showing off the gorgeous senorita's bump.

practice hehe..

balik keramat plak. melepak. makan goreng pisang. keropok. lepak. hehe. chat pasal develpments in regional politics. yadayada. all the while little jj was kicking macam ingat. kesian senorita. active plak jj.

on the way back we played the 'letters game'. tlm dengan senorita pakat. uhuk uhuk. i was driving and i can't really search for the words sambil drive. so they bullied me. uhuk uhuk.

kena carik gang sorang lagi la cam ni. jj nanti gang papa k. hehe.
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