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mari lah mari.. kita mengundi..

i am not political. despite having views, i have never been imposing my ideals and that's just the way i like it. i find blogging about makinghaving babies, life in general, the senorita and the gunners much more fulfilling than any commentary on the state of the nation's politics. does it mean i don't care? of course not. i care like those who care. but sometimes you can't help but to comment when you think that stuff is just getting waay too much.

it is my opinion that, the government is a tool of the people. it's made up of elected representatives by the people to serve the people's need. that's straightforward enough ain't it? lets try putting it simply, in cavemen community terms. u have a collective of cavefolks, the cavefolks elect a working committee to focus on solving 'issues' or problem faced by the cavefolks. so this committee works with the cave people's interest in mind. u have issues such as no food, u work towards solving that. u faced threat of being stomped by a raging mammoth, u figure out a plan to prevent that. the cave kids don't know how to hunt, u organize hunting 101 classes for the kids.

whats the main thing that i'm trying put out here? well, the things you do as the selected cave folk committee are not done 'because u care'. its essentially ur job and why you were put there in the first place. u are managing the country's resources and u must decide on what's best for all. things may look simple back in cave lalala land but here in the real world its much more complex.

the government must make decisions, tough decisions on how to allocate the finite amount of resources in activities that can either alleviate the burden of some or bring opportunities to the many. 1 mega project here could mean eliminating poverty for a small community over there. but how sustainable is it if you just give them welfare cheques instead of creating working opportunities for them to lift themselves out of their doldrums? we can debate on this till the cows go home its their call. since we put them there in the first place. sometimes you get decisions that are just wrong. they need to explain. they need to be accountable for their actions and we have the right to 'punish' or 'reward' them once in every how many years.

entah ler.
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