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little jj is going through a period of playful kicking in which every time the gorgeous senorita tells me about it and i touch her tummy the kicking stops. dah a few times dah. saja aja nyakat the mom kot. ha okay, that time rasa. kuat nye. hehe.

isn't it a great sight to see ur pregnant wife looking all cute rubbing her tummy wearing ur pink stripey boxer shorts like its her own. another sign that it's really a girl - wearing pink things. did i ever tell ya'll that when my mom was carrying me she made like two sets of blankets and baby hats. coz she wasn't sure if i was a boy or a girl? hehe i guess that's where i got the whole pink fascination. kalau nak play safe just buy neutral colors la i guess. both girl or boy can wear.

sometimes things like these make it all worth while. after a hectic week of work, coming home to chill for the weekend with your loved ones is a welcome respite. reminds u of the things that matter eh.

haven't really got much to update in t…

is that what i think it is?

so we had another session on labor for our ante natal class. this time its a little bit more graphical. we were shown this video of this lady who was going through her labour process. its kinda like a home movie shot in 1988. it showed the lady going through the stages of labor. tengah ade kat rumah, all the time bila the wife dapat contractions aje dia gi massage her back. and all the while their daughter dok run around playfully.

bila rasa contraction aje she would walk around and the time that they were outside, her water broke and they made their way to the birthing center.

what came next was .. hmm.

i think that was my first time seeing an actual baby come out. masa nengok video tu i can't help but to feel for the gorgeous senorita. you just have to respect la what mothers go through.

respect and try to support them in every way that you can.

has it been 22 weeks already?

Ah the weekends. Its always great to be able to just lepak after a week of toiling with work. Hehe. Macam la kerja buruh kasar yang nak toil-toil la kan. As usual we had our antenatal class on Wednesday night. The topic at hand was labour. Since labour is quite an important part of the whole course, we will be covering it in the last 3 sessions.

Well labour is exactly what it is. Kerja berat. Labour of love perhaps? We were shown a simple diagram of the whole three stages of labour. The contraction timings during the early, active, transitional and when ur in labour. The options available to relieve pain during delivery. The misconception people have, well I guess this is more to us being fed by tv la ni, bila water break aje terus masuk spital terus keluar baby.

The whole delivery process takes hours okay.

The thought of that aje agak scary don’t u think?

But of course la I’ll be there every step of the way la kan.

It was also interesting to find out more about pain relieving alternatives…

never short of princesses..

jj at 21 weeks..

so we went to the latest check up. where the big question was whether or not little jj will be having a cheeseburger or a hotdog. hehe i didn't come up with that. that clever quote was from

so the question was answered.

i'm ecstatic. hehe.

learning to learn..

We were considering sending the little munchkin to this one private school coz the senorita got a sizeable discount from her company. tlm's is dyslexic. so he's kinda struggling with stuff at school. the school system doesn't really cater for these kids. more often than not they'll be labeled as slow or not attentive. we figured going to a private school would at least give him the opportunity to learn with teachers that are more skilled and with lesser children per class, will be able to give him more attention. so the gorgeous senorita took him to the school because the principle wanted to gauge tlm's level. siap ade admissions test la kan.

the test was kinda okay. tlm was okay with maths - okay la. English pun was good. but bm dia was struggling a bit. the principal also interviewed the tlm. simple questions aje but knowing tlm ni dia suka jawab sepatah aje. how old are u? 10. what is ur name? tlm. masa the senorita left tu she asked la if it was okay or not. we…

weekend lounge act..

so it was yet another interesting session at the ante-natal class. it was all about breast feeding. christine started off asking us to list down the advantages and disadvantages of breast feeding and using formula. breast feeding came out trumps la. the mother's antibodies are passed to the baby. the nutrition that the baby needs to grow all strong and healthy. but she acknowledges that sometimes it can be challenging for working moms to start working and continue to breast feed.

later on it was a quick lesson on the techniques to get the baby latched on to the breast. it sounded so mechanical at first. getting the baby's nose to be aligned with the mom's nipple. then slowly as the baby's mouth is widest you latched the baby and wallah he'll start sucking. if u do it correctly you'll probably prevent injury to your nipple. when we saw the video nampak macam senang aje all the babies 'melekap' dekat their main source of sustenance. hehe. nope tak jeles po…

what's in a name..

little jj has been kicking quite a lot recently. hehe. she's growing out of space kot. sabar ye bulan 7 k. hehe.

we've been looking at baby names for a bit now and i'm already sold with the gorgeous senorita's suggestion. hehe. i already told her that since she has the tougher job in this whole pregnancy she'll have the final call on the name.

so we've pretty narrowed it down to 2. tak mo make public as yet. hehe. but dah google and there's no reference of it to anything yang teruk. meaning pun elok jugak. wouldn't it be horrible to find out once u dah bagi nama anak tu that it meant something yang not nice ke. or sounds funny ke please don't go here for references. so do la some homework before you decide on the one.

the week is moving kinda slow. the one thing i'm looking forward to pun is coming home to the senorita. snuggle up depan telly. gosok-gosok perut bulat. feel little jj kicking. layan tlm. hehe today we let him stay up a bit late nengo…

pagi-pagi pagi la pagi..

so as with every result of elections there's going to be winners and losers. for the government, a wake up call long over due. for the opposition, a chance to show what they can do given the opportunity to rule. for the people? heh we just have to see la what's in store for us.

we stayed up until about 3 am. switched between channels, 501, 103, 107, 812 kejap hehe heard man u and chelski kalah. hehe habis la keluar comments season diorang will implode. hehe. er sorry. there were some very salient points from the discussion that came out with the analysts and guests coming on to the various channels. how states that still need development would vote for the ruling coalition. how the more affluent areas wouldn't mind change as much because they already have everything they need. macam-macam.

hehe bila dah dapat result ni macam-macam la kan analysis come out.

lepas dah pukul 3 tu,tido lagi best.

anyways sunday morning came, and we had breakfast at restoran subang. we came in a…

la la la la hari hari kerja..

ah so it was back to mamalink for our next ante-natal class. the topic for the day was on caring for the baby. the proper way to hold them when we're giving them a bath, changing diapers and what not. and also the best way to make them feel comfortable. babies love to be held. and those people yang advocate leaving them when they cry and what not to are in for a surprise la kan because it turns out that babies that are more loved in the sense that there's a lot of physical contact, touching, embracing and what not tu grow up to be more wholesome. i'm in agreement with christine on this. i guess that's why asyik nak angkat budak aje. but that doesn't seem to work with my niece farzana though. ye la jumpa pun sekali sekala ye dok.

interesting jugak when the senorita related her dream to the group. christine commented macam senorita tak cukup attention kot from myself. hmm tu la kan. orang pun mimpi pelik pelik jugak but mine involved a bunch of supermodels with superp…

mari lah mari.. kita mengundi..

i am not political. despite having views, i have never been imposing my ideals and that's just the way i like it. i find blogging about makinghaving babies, life in general, the senorita and the gunners much more fulfilling than any commentary on the state of the nation's politics. does it mean i don't care? of course not. i care like those who care. but sometimes you can't help but to comment when you think that stuff is just getting waay too much.

it is my opinion that, the government is a tool of the people. it's made up of elected representatives by the people to serve the people's need. that's straightforward enough ain't it? lets try putting it simply, in cavemen community terms. u have a collective of cavefolks, the cavefolks elect a working committee to focus on solving 'issues' or problem faced by the cavefolks. so this committee works with the cave people's interest in mind. u have issues such as no food, u work towards solving that…

Another late show..

Sometimes you just dread watching the gunners play. Okay, not la dread but you're kinda used to the team scoring late goals, that you still expect the team to turn a 4 goal deficit in the last few minutes of their match as what happened in the spuds carling cup game. That didn't happen la kan.

But they did manage to salvage a point against villa at the death. So 80 minutes on at the san siro, you still think that the team can go and score. But milan's defence proved a tricky customer indeed. Or we were just wasting the chances left right and center.

Just when you thought that extra time was beckoning, up pop fabregas with a long range shot that totally turn the game. Milan tried to get back but time just ran out on last year's champs.

But not for the gunners though. Walcott found the time and space to thread the ball to adebayor for his first champion's league goal.
It's so worth it to lose sleep when you're team's winning eh.

Go the gunners!

bet you'll feel that..


okay so the gorgeous@sexy@glowy senorita was telling me that jj's been kicking so she asked me to put my hand on her tummy.

at first tu tak rasa ape-ape. so i kinda coaxed jj to start kicking and she did!! hehe cool. it's amazing. the feeling of the baby kicking. hehe cool nye.

that made my weekend la..