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la la la la di da..

i wuv you baby cos you buatkan ribena longan...

hehe the things you do for the love of ur life eh. the week had been kinda hectic, in fact its so hectic i can't remember half of what i have been doing. the gorgeous senorita says that my brain has shrunk. well you see, they say pregnancy causes the mother's brain to shrink, causing either clumsiness or forgetfulness. well ladies and gentlemen, here's a first. i think my brain has shrunk too. yeah yeah.

anyhow, wednesday's ante-natal class was a blast. the senorita has gone into details on her entry so i'm just going to chip in with some minor details. the class was just 4 couples big. or small for that matter. except for the glowy senorita, the rest are all first timers. ranging from 4 to 7 months pregnant. i especially liked this one bit where christine the instructor split the menfolk and the pregnant mommies into 2 groups and asked us to list down what we liked about the pregnancy and what we didn't like about it. the men had a good discussion. its good meet people with the same concerns and questions about the whole pregnancy du da.

we then shared the findings with group. which was INTERESTING. hehe. cue stares and "i can't believe you wrote that looks" well of no one really knew who wrote what la kan. it was anonymous. yeah yeah.can guess la kot.

there was also a video on foetal development. i thought it was like real. but how can la?? camna buleh amik video plak development dalam perut? but then how come it looks so real? but? but? but? my shrunken brain can't handle la all this thinking. hehe.

the session was suppose to end around 9:30pm but we finished closer to 10 pm. am looking forward to the next session already.

i guess it had gotten so hectic that i ended up on mc today. uhuk uhuk uhuk. sent the little munchkin to school before going to the clinic. the doctor gave me some strong cough meds which knocked my lights out almost immediately. the gorgeous senorita came over for lunch, didn't want her to go back sebab nak bermanja-manja but she had a meeting later in the afternoon. uhuk uhuk uhuk.

ayu won one in a million 2. so is it off to the orthodontist for her then? hehe i kinda wanted syila to win, hehe coz she got some spunk that kid. hehe but then again ape bleh buat undi pun tak. hehe.

talking about undi, the little munchkin was asking me in the car when i picked him up from his grandma;

papa, dap (sebut dap bukan d.a.p) tu ape eh?

dap to democratic action party.

ohh demodemo blah blah party. mesti ade kek kan? sebab kalau party mesti ade kek.

if la the elections nanti that simple.
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