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hura hura gembira.. weekend dekat rumah punya..

the weekend couldn't have come at a better time. well when else can the weekend come at? you know what i mean. after a hectic few weeks with myself and the senorita both trying our best to impersonate that crazy jetsetting lifestyle, this weekend is a welcome rest. penat woo. kerja pun tak habis-habis.

dapat chill dekat rumah pun best oo nowadays.

lama tak bangun lambat. i wanted to buy roti tampal for breakfast but by the time i arrived sudah sold out. terpaksa la settle for nasi goreng special and nasi lemak dekat restoran subang. the little munchkin was already up and he was watching 'the game plan' on the dvd. i saw the movie on the plane. hehe thought it was good. damn disney for making all these feel good movies. hehe. and the rock hehe in tights. waah that's a sight.

so with the late breakfast over and done with, the senorita wanted to get a bluetooth headset for e90. she saw something she liked dekat singapore but decided against buying bcoz the store didn't let her test it. i said go to lowyat la but she wasn't up for the hassle of the place. then i thought why don't we go to sunway piramid. they have a decent it centre. so sunway piramid it was. i wanted to look for a portable hard disk jugak.

so we drove to sunway piramid. siap geared for a movie just in case. beli tickets for jumper. masa nak bayar i realised that i forgot my wallet. so pelupa. dah tua? tah. nasib baik the gorgeous senorita ade. we bought the tickets and gi makan. after makan it's off to the it centre. we were walking by when this sales dude was calling us. turns out he was the dude who sold the senorita her e90. so she got her bluetooth headset from the same dude.

we then made our way to tgv to see jumper with hayden christensen and samuellll lejackson. hehe. i was a bit let down by the movie. so the trailer last year andi thought this could be interesting. but alas the movie failed to deliver on its promise. the senorita loved it. hehe, its a tak payah pikir movie and the guy gets the girl in the end. hehe tak payah pk. well it used to be that she'd complain after a movie if she tought that the premise of the movie sucked. but i guess bakpe susah pk just enjoy ajelaa. banyak unanswered questions leaves room for jumper 2, 3 and 4.

we got back home in time for birmingham vs arsenal. the game ended in a 2-2 draw but what concerns me most is the horrific injury that occurred to eduardo, the gunners' number 9. they weren't even showing the replays because it was so sickening. i saw the pictures though. damn, can a guy's leg do that? crazy man. i know it's an accident and all but sometimes u get too preoccupied with stifling someone's game by any means that "accidents" are bound to happen. don't click here if ur squeamish. kesian.

anyways, i'm done for the night.
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