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here's looking at u kid..

so as ya'll are aware, i'm back. yep. woop ti du. the gorgeous senorita was patiently waiting at the airport as i touched down and gathered my luggage. the longing so intense that she starts to see me in every guy that came out of the airport. heh. good thing that when the real me came out she quickly saw and we hugged like 2 people who have not seen each other for ages. that 9 days did feel like a long time. god i missed her soo much.

we had breakfast at restoran subang. she had updated on her week during the drive over. my poor senorita. she's been worked to the bone. well not quite la but she's getting there. hearing how she's had to endure incompetence and stubborn hard headed yang tau nak menyusahkan hidup orang tanpa mahu mencari jalan penyelesaian untuk memudahkan kerja ni memang get me all worked up. hmph. marah la ni.

so the senorita was stressed out. dah la husband dia takde, kerja stress. memang la dah tak sabo nak jumpa kita kat airport kan. i was soo happy to be abled to relieve some of that stress la kan. when were at restoran subang i gave her the watch i got for valentine's. we never missed giving each other something on that day. ya ya i know u don't need one special day to celebrate love yada yada. hehe valentine's day is so commercialized nowadays anyways. but so what. hehe. she was happy with the watch but i kept on hinting that there was more to come.

ooh and the senorita updated me on the medical check up. how i wished i could have been there. she said that the baby was moving around and the doctor scanned, little jj turned and macam faced the "camera" plak. macam posing. heheh cute. still can't tell the sex yet sebab tak nampak masa the scan. anyways the baby's developing steadily and the senorita's vitals are all good.

jumping jellybean
smile.. ur on candid camera..

so when we got back to the condo, i pun took the bag i got her out. hehe nasib baik the senorita loved it. hehe. score 1 for the home team. i have to admit that i now appreciate why women just love their handbags. rambang mata woo bila nengok macam-macam designs. hehe depends how big ur budget is ajela kan. guys don't have that thing as what women have with their bags. hehe we buy one wallet. we use it sampai lunyai. we tukar. but that's just guys la kan. but the look on the senorita's face says it all la.

hehe sukanya dia..

and one thing that guys must realise is that it allways pays to make your wife happy because more often than not if she is happy, than you will be 2 or 3 kali happy jugak >:)


p/s pics from the paris du da can be found here
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