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la la la la di da..

i wuv you baby cos you buatkan ribena longan...

hehe the things you do for the love of ur life eh. the week had been kinda hectic, in fact its so hectic i can't remember half of what i have been doing. the gorgeous senorita says that my brain has shrunk. well you see, they say pregnancy causes the mother's brain to shrink, causing either clumsiness or forgetfulness. well ladies and gentlemen, here's a first. i think my brain has shrunk too. yeah yeah.

anyhow, wednesday's ante-natal class was a blast. the senorita has gone into details on her entry so i'm just going to chip in with some minor details. the class was just 4 couples big. or small for that matter. except for the glowy senorita, the rest are all first timers. ranging from 4 to 7 months pregnant. i especially liked this one bit where christine the instructor split the menfolk and the pregnant mommies into 2 groups and asked us to list down what we liked about the pregnancy and what we didn't like about …

there if you need them

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long train ride..

today was the first time that little jj took a ride on the lrt with the gorgeous senorita and myself. and congratulations malaysia chivalry still exists in abundance. hehe drama aje. even if its only to give up your seat to a pregnant lady. and yes ladies and gentlemen the gorgeous, sexy, glowy senorita is looking pregnant. yeay. hehe ya tuan puan saya lah puncanya. insert muka acat smug sambil gosok perut senorita.. hehe.

sudah nampak eh..
the senorita has a 2-day training session in kl. so rather than driving to kl on her own, she'd think it best to take the lrt with her husband. aww. tsk tsk. i really think its because she doesn't want to face the jam. hehe. but then again the first reason sounds way better kan. nak temankan kita gi kerja.

we talked on the train. the things u learn through simple conversation with your spouse ni is amazing. did ya'll know that pachyderm is spelled as such and it means "thick skinned". describing mammals that are thick skinned mac…

hura hura gembira.. weekend dekat rumah punya..

the weekend couldn't have come at a better time. well when else can the weekend come at? you know what i mean. after a hectic few weeks with myself and the senorita both trying our best to impersonate that crazy jetsetting lifestyle, this weekend is a welcome rest. penat woo. kerja pun tak habis-habis.

dapat chill dekat rumah pun best oo nowadays.

lama tak bangun lambat. i wanted to buy roti tampal for breakfast but by the time i arrived sudah sold out. terpaksa la settle for nasi goreng special and nasi lemak dekat restoran subang. the little munchkin was already up and he was watching 'the game plan' on the dvd. i saw the movie on the plane. hehe thought it was good. damn disney for making all these feel good movies. hehe. and the rock hehe in tights. waah that's a sight.

so with the late breakfast over and done with, the senorita wanted to get a bluetooth headset for e90. she saw something she liked dekat singapore but decided against buying bcoz the store didn't l…

punch knee kick..

i heart contender asia.

men kickin living crap outta each other.. good


the cave man instinct inside me get soothes every time i watch it.


now lets get down to business. arsenal vs ac milan. a really mouthwatering prospect. if only i can get up in time to watch it.

the fact that my good luck charm takde did dawn on me la tapi. after kena titik 4-0 at old trafford, milan nampak macam impossible. but i guess its down to the boys to make us proud. GO THE GUNNERS!!!

the bed seems too big la skang ni. the couch nampak macam best aje..

miss u bb.

here's looking at u kid..

so as ya'll are aware, i'm back. yep. woop ti du. the gorgeous senorita was patiently waiting at the airport as i touched down and gathered my luggage. the longing so intense that she starts to see me in every guy that came out of the airport. heh. good thing that when the real me came out she quickly saw and we hugged like 2 people who have not seen each other for ages. that 9 days did feel like a long time. god i missed her soo much.

we had breakfast at restoran subang. she had updated on her week during the drive over. my poor senorita. she's been worked to the bone. well not quite la but she's getting there. hearing how she's had to endure incompetence and stubborn hard headed yang tau nak menyusahkan hidup orang tanpa mahu mencari jalan penyelesaian untuk memudahkan kerja ni memang get me all worked up. hmph. marah la ni.

so the senorita was stressed out. dah la husband dia takde, kerja stress. memang la dah tak sabo nak jumpa kita kat airport kan. i was …

Homeward bound..

The flight is not till 12 pm. All my bags are pack, i'm ready to go. Hehe leaving on a jet plane la plak kan. It turns out i'll be missing the fa cup showdown against united, but that's not important eh. The important thing is i'll be home. Spent the day yesterday braving the chilly weather to get last minute souvenirs. Hehe. I'm sure i've forgotten some people, tough la kot. Paris is a very lively city. I walked past this perfume store and they were lining up welcoming people in by singing and dancing as the customers walk by. Cool gila. Hehe took photos of that. Tak plak masuk kedai tu. The notion that u'd be better off speaking malay with the french rather than english tu no longer holds true. Everywhere i go u can pretty much get by with some basic english.I went to the same bakery where i got the baguette. This time the guy was much friendlier. Takde orang kot. He asked me where i come from and i said malaysia. Ooh he showed me this list where he had a…

But there's no pornografie monsier..

Due to the very strict publication laws in malaisie, everytime someone close to me goes abroad, i (as in the collective raffali boys) would always try to get them to buy playboy. Now more often than not people would have the the impression that playboy is porn. Yeah sure there are some pictures of naked ladies in there but that's about it. To me porn is blatant exposure of sex bits or people engaging in sexual acts be it in film or pictures. So in essence playboy ain't porn. Good luck la trying to justify that to anyone. Anyways, i think we all have collected a number of said publications, from australia, russia, german. The culprits being my sister ana yg ade gi travel merata, my brother asyiq yang dok study kat russia and my best bud ahmad yang also got the chance every now and then to go abroad. So here i'm adding to the collection. Fevrier 2008 edition francaise. I'm digressing sebenarnya. The point that i was trying to make was, upon making my payment to the newst…

Paris day 3..

The gorgeous senorita sent me an email. She said that she's starting to feel the baby already. Jj should start to kick right about now. Hmm tak dapat nak be there to experience that. Takpe nanti balik can what.Slept much later last night. Plenty of movies on offer, all in french, meet the fockers, brokeback mountain. Macam ade heath ledger tribute plak because the day before they had a knight's tale. I hoped that at least one french channel would show the arsenal vs blackburn game coz they did show liverpool vs chelsea on sunday but alas i wasn't so lucky. Good thing the gunners won tho. 2 - 0 woot woot.Nak mandi and get ready for another day of workshops. p/s: bb, guess who is missing you lots and lots today?

The golden sign..

After the first day of the workshop ended, i went walking around the area near the hotel. Found a supermarket where they had them mamee instant noodles with the halal sign on it next to canned ayam brand santan. Not sure if it came from malaisie or not. Probably la kan.Next to the supermarket was a mcdonalds. Hehe kena la makan kan. French filet-o-fish rasa sama aje back home. That's what i like about mcd. You can be sure of what to expect. Unlike gi makan memana restaurant or anything like that. But i think i'll just have mcd just this once la kot. Hehe promise. The first day of training was interesting. An introductory session on what is it that they do over there. The coffee break culture was totally different from what i'm used to. They don't serve food during the break unlike what our company is accustomed to. Coffee break aje mesti ade makan paling kurang kuih if not mee or what nots. Nope they just had coffee. And 15 minutes aje tops. Masuk balik dalam the room.…

Paris day 2

Well i managed to stay up until around 8 pm local time. Woke up around 1 am. Didn't sleep till around 3 am. Had my handphone alarm set at 6.30 am and i woke up to the gorgeous face of the sexy senorita telling me to wake up.Uhuk uhuk uhuk..I'm having an early breakfast of banana and bread. U think if i watch and listen to enough french telly over the next 4/5 days buleh pick up the language ke? Hmm miss the senorita to bits. Uhuk uhuk uhuk.


So i managed to walk to the eiffel tower. It was a brisk walk from the hotel. The day was bright enough to counter the 1 degree celcius temperature. Took some photos too. Tak mo naik atas this time, u been up once so what else is new eh? Sambil-sambil tu survey gak tempat nak carik souvenirs.Tak sempat lagi nak visit the senorita's friends.. Chanel, Fendi, etc. Hmm tengok aje laaa.On the way back tadi, sempat singgah satu macam sunday market. Fruits, vegetables nampak fresh semacam. Hehe. Bought some bananas. Jumpa bakery and bought french bread. I think one can survive on baguettes and nutella kot. Hehe.The workshop starts tomorrow. Tengah try to stay awake to prevent jet lag. But nampak macam tak mampu kot. Missing the senorita extremely. Uhuk uhuk uhuk..Love u sayang..


So its 10 am and i'm watching french telly. Spongebob squarepants sounds similar in any language. I think the translators have to go through a strict selection process because the voices sound the same in any language.Thinking of going out for a walk. The weather is cold but still tolerable by my standards. Hehe any colder means i have to admit that the gorgeous senorita was right. Hehe. But don't worry dear, i'll take good care of myself. Last time i was here was in 2000 or was it 2001. Hmm lets see what's changed since then eh.

From the airport..

So i'm writing this in the golden club lounge waiting for the flight. Waiting.. Saw a couple berdrama just now when i was saying goodbye to the senorita. Nak cakap go get a room aje. But biarla orang bercinta. Tak plak berdrama dengan theb senorita plak. But dalam hati tu sedih gak. Uhuk uhuk uhuk. She said she cried after i was outta her sight. Good thing oso coz if she cried in front of me tadi i wud have cried too.Uhuk uhuk uhuk.

bye bye miss american pie..

uhuk uhuk uhuk...

nanti siapa nak tolong tak ingatkan saya untuk makan obat...

uhuk uhuk uhuk...

sape nak tolong pimpin tangan masa nak turun tangga...

uhuk uhuk uhuk..

susah gak nak tinggalkan the gorgeous senorita ni. even if its only for a week. we haven't been apart for more than a few days since we got married ni. uhuk uhuk uhuk.

so the flight is at 11.25 pm. still a few hours to go. stuffs all packed. unless ada some last minute thing. typical guy la kan. anyways, here's hoping that the trip will be a fruitful one. updates and photos will come later.

miss ya..

gong xi fa cai..

so we finished watching damages. tak sabar nak tunggu the series run its course on axn so we got the dvd from our friendly local dvd seller. 30 bucks. well although you can download the stuff easily on the net. kena sabar la sket if u have crappy network connection. but finish it we did. yeay. but i tell ya. there's a lot more questions that needs answering. the gorgeous senorita is already hankering for the season 2 dvds. hopefully they do finish producing it. what with the hollywood writer's strike and all. kang kalau tak sambung buang masa aa kan. curious gak nak see what happen to patty hewes. hehe.

spent the morning having breakfast with the family and my bff ahmad. hehe bff. wtf? lama gak tak jumpa pakcik tu. he came over to borrow my power drill. ada some "diy"ing to do. hehe he cooks and he fixes stuff around the house. waah another free plug for him eh. hehe. anyways he updated on the stuff that been going on in his life. innneresting. hehe. my conclusion on…

Phasing out..

I had a really interesting dream. The gorgeous senorita was in labour. We weren't at a hospital though. It looked like we were at home. Macam natural birth gitu with a midwife and all. I think this was down to seeing the senorita read that natural childbirth book kot. Anyways, that wasn't the interesting part la kan, the interesting bit was i could see jumping jellybean coming out and he/she was a ....

He he. I told the senorita about it and she just laughed. I kinda have a feeling of what jj's sex would be. But heck i'm not the one yg pregnant so at best my hunch would be as good as any guess. We would probably know for sure by the time we go for our next check up. Itu pun kalau jj tak shy. He he.

this saturday feels like a sunday..

so apparently i had woken the gorgeous senorita from a very interesting dream. hehe. oh kaay.

this morning was kinda weird. it felt like a sunday. well the federal day holiday on friday was the main cause of that. so naturally it felt like sunday la kan. we had a late nite outting the nite before. the gorgeous senorita's ex-boss invited us over for a bbq. a birthday party for his son. a whole bunch of kids having a ball. hehe kids nowadays. anyways, the party was besides the point. the point of the bbq was as the senorita quite rightly put it was, the heavenly lamb chops. she tasted it last year and when the opportunity arise to savour it again. i thought i could resist, but after just one bite.. hehe kena jugak la makan. the host was even generous enough to pack some lamb home for the senorita.

muka kenyang sehingga menjilat jari..

the senorita is gorjes..
the senorita is gorjes..
the senorita is gorjes..

we have this new thing going on. because of the pregnancy the senorita is plagued…