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what wud it take..

so here's a quick update on what i call my sister's jannah crusade against plagiarism. apparently the said perpetrator is riled. leaving comments not admitting guilt but not really vehemently denying the offense. granted some comments were a tad blunt la kan but hey waddya expect, bloggers can be very passionate about stuff. especially when most of us can't even write our own books and we only have the free blogspace to write our thoughts. hehe but at least they are OUR OWN thoughts.


so now said celeb's blog is no longer accessible. what does that tell ya?

hehe what do we expect out of all this? hehe personally i have nothing to gain la kan. apart from supporting seemingly lost causes ni. heck i'm living in the capital of "cetak rompak", do we seriously think that this issue will make any headway? at least cetak rompak is cetak rompak, a copy of the original, not something passed on as "original".

let's see where this takes us.
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