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pulling a "natasha"

hehe okay in the spirit of the whole natasha hudson debacle. i thought of doing my bit in translating a random poem i googled, but then i figured..what if pick a poem by natasha her self (well the ones which have not been found as plagiarized la kan) and translate that to english. well no such luck. google pun tak jumpa, so now dah penat..

tilik nasib - Acat

ku google nama ku,
tiada satu pun yang menarik,
tapi ku terus tertarik,
pada sesuatu yang jelik,

ku ingin bersuara,
tapi tak tahu apa nak dikata,
mungkin ku patut senyap,
atau berselindung di balik tiada nama.

bila kan berakhir..

updated i finally found one here

so here's me doing a hudson on one of her own.. hehe


cinta itu buta
adakah kita buta?
buta kerana sentuhan cinta?
adakah kerana kedukaan kita,
menyebabkan kita terjerumus ke dasar cinta?
sekadar penetrasi intelek,
membawa kita jauh, terlalu jauh untuk mengetahui maksud sebenar cinta,
membawa kita ke galaksi yang berbeza,
angkasa lepas penuh persoalan,
kita semakin jauh terjatuh dalam pertemuan,
sukar untuk dirumuskan,
cinta yang tidak mampu ditolak,
sukar untuk diterima kuasanya,
tapi inilah yang nyata,
cinta luar biasa..

and the original by the infamous natasha herself ... supposedly >:)

"Love", love is blind
Are we blind?
Blinded by the touch of love
Is it our agony feelings?
That is making us fall into depths of love
The extend of intellectual penetration
Is taking us far, far away from noticing the tru meaning of love
It's taking us to another galaxy
An outer space far from the unknown
We are falling into this deep in encounter
Hard to explain
Love too powerful to deny
Too hard to admit its power
but this is how we describe it
love an extraterrestrial thing

My Heart My Soul My Passion
by Natasha Hudson

which is better? hehe
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