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mac love..

i don't own a mac. i wanted to. i mean growing up loving all things tech, a mac is at the fore of everything that is cool. if u look at the design and the ease of use, macs just blows the competition apart. now it was a good thing that i married someone who has a mac. so now i'm just loving it. if u read the gorgeous senorita's archive u can see how she instantly fell in love with her ibook. i mean that was back in February 2005. she has written quite a lot la since then la kan. the interesting thing is, she is quite the pandai menjaga barang. the ibook is still in good working order. she has even upgraded to the latest Mac OS X leopard. which is what i'm currently having a go at.

i was having some initial challenges in transitioning from the windows environment to that of the mac. but i tell ya. it's really a short learning curve. u can do pretty much everything that u used to on windows, but probably even faster or better on the mac. hehe i won't preach la. the mac ain't even mine to begin with. the experience is akin to what i had with my palm. comparing it windows mobile. hehe but now i can't even brag about that. even palm runs winmob nowadays. hehe. screw it ler.

so what's with the blatant mac plug? entah. hehe saja kot.
this post was brought to you by the gorgeous senorita's lovely ibook the fruit.

Anyways, the senorita has hinted that i might be going to paris next month. some seminar on energy preparedness and what nots. i had a talk with the lady who's organizing it on behalf of the company and we're looking to see what we learn and apply. not gonna say much that la kan. shit, i'm watching house and the airline on which house was flying on was MALAYSIAN PACIFIC AIRLINES. hehe how cool is that. come to think of it la kan, how many times has Malaysia been used fictionally by the writers of hollywood? hehe sape nak gi google it?

anyways i'm in support of my sister jannah in trying to figure out the truth about innocent coincidence or blatant plagiarism. go and read and make your own conclusions.

so i spent the saturday in port dickson. the company rounded up the bunch of volunteers from that csi(corporate social investment) program that we have. around 80 like minded individuals trying to make a difference. looking at all the volunteers, these guys are one crazy bunch. hehe and i thought i was crazy la kan. also good to see a lot of new faces and the younger generation (yeah and ur that old grandpa) also interested in volunteering. at least we can expect a steady stream of volunteers to support the program for years to come.

things are looking great on the pregnancy front. we're seeing the doctor again next week. tummy already starting to show. and that's just me la kan. hehe. but seriously, kinda cute jugak seeing the senorita with the bulge. hehe.

can ya'll see?
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