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i'm in the mood..

if two consenting adults engage in oral sex in private, even if there is a law against it, what can anyone else do about it anyways? how the fcuk will anyone else know about it.. hehe unless u get caught on tape doing it la kan. but that's totally a different story la. what's the fuss? people bend/break the rules all the time. it only matters when get caught doing it. if not, does it matter?

if a tree falls in the jungle where no one is there to listen to it, does it really make a sound?

that's just fcukin A ain't it?

this whole debate just begs the question of "ape takde kerja lain ke kita nak bincang pasal benda ni" or if we say it in english and i'm definitely not trying to be less patriotic about this, "don't we have better things to do than to talk about this"?

there's so many things you can write about just by commenting on what u read in the newspapers eh.

anyways, i really wanted to talk a bit more on education. having decided to be more involved in the little munchkin's education i've decided to make it a compulsory thing to sit with him when i come home to go through his homework and do some exercises. sorta like home tuition sans the professional tutor. but i figured how hard can it be right? standard 5 only.

in reality this is much further from the truth. the thing about us adults ni once we have learned something and apply it it becomes second nature and we do it because that's just how its done. often forgetting the basics of why we do it. take english. i was doing some grammar exercises with tlm. something about positive and negative statements. nope this has nothing to do with moral values or what not. and it's not the same with active voice or passive voice. u use positive statements when describing something that can/will be done and negative statement for the opposite. try explaning that to tlm la kan.

then there was maths. now the tlm used to go to this mental arithmatics class. so he already has the basics of numbers. he's still working on his multiplications tables. having memorised my tables when i was like in standard 4, to me its a cinch. but tlm needs to mentally add everytime he recites it. which is good la kan. you don't want your kids to memorize stuff without understanding the concept. i explained the concept of multiplication with your classic example of marbles in containers. 7 x 7 = seven marbles in seven containers so how many marbles do u have? tlm got his 5s and 10s covered. so if u ask him what 7 x 7 is he would start from 5 x 7 and work his way up. he'll get there but slow la sket kan. tu yang i want to try to get him to memorize the tables ni.

maybe they should allow kids to use calculators. hehe okay that won't solve the problem la kan. tak berkembang otak. i'm scouring the net for more creative measures to help with this. hehe we'll see how it goes.

there's still more for me to brush up on. history. geography. bahasa melayu. macam-macam ada..

anyways on the pregnancy front, i think i survived the gorgeous senorita's first cravings attack. hehe it was almost 11pm and she wanted to eat nutella. nutella dengan roti. nasib baik ada seven eleven kat bawah. hehe. and of course i oso got to eat nutella la kan. hehe. still have that perasaan mual-mual tu every now and again. tah betul ke tidak morning sickness ni. tak muntah-muntah pun. uwek uwek but nothing. takkan nak kena jolok ngan jari baru keluar? heh. supposed to be like that ke?

ah gasak ler.
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