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here's to a new year..

unlike last year's new year's eve celebration, this year we opted for a low key thingy. the experience of getting stuck in that god awful jam dekat the curve last time was enough la. this time its dinner at muz and eju's. we made our way around 8 pm. had to stop at the local petronas for a quick fill up. nope this wasn't because i'm duped by them sms messages saying that there'd be a fuel price hike come 1st jan, nope my car was running on empty. saw a colleague of mine just a few car's infront at the next pump. tak la call takut meletup plak nak isi minyak. hehe.

we got the necessary stuff to bring over. juice (hehe tak minum fizzy drinks la konon), snacks (or as muz would say - jajan) and some bread. we stopped by restauran subang coz the gorgeous senorita said the baby dah lapar. hehe makan roti cappati and air asam boi. the drive over was relatively smooth. there was a lot of cars on the road as u can expect la kan.

arrived at the couples house around 8.30ish i think. dinner was still being cooked. some exotic recipe eju got from her (kazakhstan ke?) colleague. ade soup. mash cauliflower, and the main course was roast chicken stuffed with potatos. drinks was sparkeling ribena. woot. hehe. habis makan, we were joined by ezanee and ross. bringin jajan as well. teman la makan jugak.

sila makan..

there was not much entertainment on tv. hehe we ended up watching bits of the nujum pak belalang movie on channel 2. p ramlee never fails to crack me up la, hehe even picked up this annoying habit from the little munchkin, nak bagi ulasan time movie. hehe. flipped across the channels and what not. nengok concerts ni tak berahi la plak kan.

so we had to make our own entertainment la. ezanee/ross brought taboo. so we had a go at that la. interesting jugak the game. the first time the senorita and i played it. it was 3 against 3. lai li tam plom to pick sides and all. hehe kelakar. very the healthy way to spend new year's eve ain't it.

we stopped for a bit to watch the fireworks. we could see clearly the fireworks from klcc, dataran merdeka and i think the other one was from where eh? entah. but the one at dataran merdeka was definitely the grandest. a good 15 mins of burning money eh. hehe.

it was a fitting end to the year la. here's to 2008 and whatever challenge it may bring..

tak payah tunggu lama pun for a challenge. keluar aja from the couple's place, i found out that my car's front tyre sudah kena some metal clip thingy and angin sudah keluar. sheesh. terpaksa la call muz up mintak tolong. not that i really needed pun saja aje ngengada. hehe.

and that was the new year's celebration. with the new year ni plak come la the new school year. the little munchkin is now in standard 5. he starts today. the senorita and i were on hand for the school fees payment and what not. semangat betul bebudak nak sekolah. tried to teach him how to tie his school-tie. ended up doing it on me first. and just give him yg dah siap ikat punye.

first day of school
hehe hensemnye dia.. alolololo

the plan now is to be more involved with tlm's education. nak sit down buat homework and what not. bila lagi nak practise all the things i did with the kids at ilham and wangsa maju tu with my own son ye dok.
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