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blurry vision no more..

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Great Discovery:

you ever wonder how sometimes you just come across great bargains just by scouring the internet? i mean internet businesses have lower overheads which could either mean higher profit margins for themselves or greater savings to the consumers. most of the time it's the latter.

one such example is at, you will be spoilt for choice on their selection of frames with single vision lens, sunsensor lens, tinted sunglasses lens, bifocals and progressive lenses. with prices starting from just $8 for a complete prescription eyeglasses and case you wonder how they managed to get the prices so low.

well it is no secret. capitalizing on their own manufactured frames and by selling direct to the consumer, prices can be kept low for all to enjoy. there's also the 50% money back guarantee if your not satisied with your purchase and return in within 4 weeks.

14th week..

i'm finding the gorgeous senorita extremely sexy these last few days. these last few days aje? she would say la kan. no la. of course la not. but nowadays, with her cute bump, and other developing assets, man u just can't help but to just appreciate the whole wonders of the human pregnancy.

as a really excited expectant dad, i have signed up for a bunch of newsletters from the internet with updates on "my" pregnancy status. based on the doctor's calculation we're currently in the 14th week. the baby is moving actively, the little hands already grasping and may even start to suck on its thumb.

is it just me or do ya'll think that the outfits for the presenters of the 22nd AJL sucks?

hmm there she did it again? no oops this is done on purpose. how am i suppose to finish writing this entry with her looking at me like that.. hmm. later ya'll.

pta politics 101..

so i went to my first PTA meeting.. as a dad. lets just say that it's an enlightening experience. how do a bunch of parents decide which among them are qualified to be the AJK of the PIBG? well apart from the position of Yang Di Pertua PIBG which basically will be the one responsible to mobilize resources and what not, the role of AJK is pretty much open game.

from my observation, i have narrowed down how u can get elected as a committee member of the PTA.

the number one rule is... ask questions during the session. when the parents see that you are brave enough to ask a question by default you must be good enough to be a committee member of the PTA/PIBG.

seriously. all the nominees came from the people who asked a question. hehe.

i really wanted to suggest, but i didn't, because i figured since it was my first PTA meeting,it would be good for me to observe how things were run. anyways, i wanted to suggest that if there were any parents who were willing to volunteer to do the job…


it's a public holiday in kl for the first time for thaipussam. is it a gesture to appease the indian voters? i dunno. don't really care, the important thing is we kl working folks have one more holiday to add to the calendar. hehe selangor still has nuzul quran tho. hehe but we still have hari wilayah.

enough talk about who gets more cuti.

the gorgeous senorita was reveling in a personal victory over something at work. it had been playing on her mind for while now. i tried my best to support by listening la kan what more can you do. i offered to kick some ass and take some names but she said she'd handle it professionally. which she managed to do. all that experience came in handy la kan. enough about that.

kejap sangat cuti. blergh..

Out of the carling cup..

Now it wasn't a bad performance as much as we were caught up by some great counter attacking play on the part of spurs.

Should have had ade right from the off.

A defeat to spurs still sucks tho. My brother in law must be havin a ball.

pulling a "natasha"

hehe okay in the spirit of the whole natasha hudson debacle. i thought of doing my bit in translating a random poem i googled, but then i figured..what if pick a poem by natasha her self (well the ones which have not been found as plagiarized la kan) and translate that to english. well no such luck. google pun tak jumpa, so now dah penat..

tilik nasib - Acat
ku google nama ku, tiada satu pun yang menarik, tapi ku terus tertarik, pada sesuatu yang jelik,
ku ingin bersuara, tapi tak tahu apa nak dikata, mungkin ku patut senyap, atau berselindung di balik tiada nama.
bila kan berakhir..

updated i finally found one here

so here's me doing a hudson on one of her own.. hehe


cinta itu buta
adakah kita buta?
buta kerana sentuhan cinta?
adakah kerana kedukaan kita,
menyebabkan kita terjerumus ke dasar cinta?
sekadar penetrasi intelek,
membawa kita jauh, terlalu jauh untuk mengetahui maksud sebenar cinta,
membawa kita ke galaksi yang berbeza,
angkasa lepas penuh persoalan,
kita semakin jauh terjatuh dalam p…

road rage..

so i was sending my sister ana back to shah alam from our place. entered the ldp just right after the post office. this perdana was moving fast but i figured i'd stick to my lane and avoid it. the perdana blared his horn, overtook me and signalled to the left and stopped. i didn't think much of it and just drive away. he kept blaring and when he saw that i didn't stop, he sped behind me and started to highbeam, sambil hon-hon. i was like wtf? he kept it up for a few seconds. i slowed down. he overtook me again and i looked at him showing me the finger.

what .. the.. fcuk?

so i kept close. and the first chance i got, i went past him and flip him back.

Road Rage - Catatonia

If all you've got to do today is find peace of mind
Come round you can take a piece of mine
And if all you've got to do today is hesitate,
Come here, you can leave it late with me.
You could be taking it easy on yourself
You should be making it easy on yourself
Cause you and I know,
It's all over the fr…

books in the palm of your hands..

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so i read books. not as much as i would like of course but i do read them. not in the physical paper sense, i love to have my books in the palm of my hand. well actually i like to have them on my palm. so i usually get my reading in the form of ebooks. Ebooks are much easier to carry around and it beats lugging your whole library around you when you travel.

so recently i found another option for me to buy my ebooks. now my acid test for a good ebooks dealer is to see if they have any stephen king books. they have a bunch of them so that's pretty much sorted. the next test would be on price. now a quick check to see if the low price they claim is true saw me comparing the price for this book that i got at dealer X. Dark Tower 7 cost $9.99 discounted to $8.99 if you subscribe to the newsletter. at the same book costs $7.79. that's a no brainer eh?

don't forget that you can also find ebooks in…

do a little dance..

so we got more glimpse of the baby during today's check up with the doctor. i have to say that the baby's picking up some moves from the gorgeous senorita in terms of what we saw. the doctor said that since it's already been 13 weeks, the scan would be done abdominally rather than vaginally. the baby is quite active! jumping jelly beans came to the senorita's mind and hence a new code name for the baby is born. little jumping jelly bean. hehe jj like the senorita. we can see the limbs and fingers clearly and ljj was working the scanner. macam tahu plak orang nak scan. ye dok.

melompat-lompat and siap did this one action yg the senorita does whenever she geram dekat myself. that somewhat karate chopping action. hehe sebijik! the sex has yet to be determined but by the looks of it i think that it is a..

anyways, the doctor advised us against any long distance traveling so that pretty much rules out the senorita from paris. i was half expecting the doctor to say "yeah …

persatuan bapa-bapa mengandung..

i'm currently away from the office. there's this high level effective business planning course that's compulsory for me to go to. kinda interesting coz u get to meet ur peers from the same fraternity. more of networking la then anything. pregnant ladies are everywhere. in the course aje ade at least 3 that i saw la kan. ranging from 2 months to 7 months. sempat la ask around pasal experiences diorang. semua pretty much gave same advice. read ur baby books! 
ada ka persatuan bapa-bapa mengandung? hehe. mana sign up eh.

hmm, the gorgeous senorita has been doing her bit, reading up on breast feeding and what not. takat ni i'm looking at crampings at early pregnancy. what's normal and whats not. banyak lagi yang i don't know i have to admit. and admitting that should push me to learn even more.
we're seeing the doctor again come saturday. hmm rasa macam dah cakap a few times. 
i really think that we should always cut pregnant mommies some slack la. they have a lot …

what wud it take..

so here's a quick update on what i call my sister's jannah crusade against plagiarism. apparently the said perpetrator is riled. leaving comments not admitting guilt but not really vehemently denying the offense. granted some comments were a tad blunt la kan but hey waddya expect, bloggers can be very passionate about stuff. especially when most of us can't even write our own books and we only have the free blogspace to write our thoughts. hehe but at least they are OUR OWN thoughts.


so now said celeb's blog is no longer accessible. what does that tell ya?

hehe what do we expect out of all this? hehe personally i have nothing to gain la kan. apart from supporting seemingly lost causes ni. heck i'm living in the capital of "cetak rompak", do we seriously think that this issue will make any headway? at least cetak rompak is cetak rompak, a copy of the original, not something passed on as "original".

let's see where this takes us.

mac love..

i don't own a mac. i wanted to. i mean growing up loving all things tech, a mac is at the fore of everything that is cool. if u look at the design and the ease of use, macs just blows the competition apart. now it was a good thing that i married someone who has a mac. so now i'm just loving it. if u read the gorgeous senorita's archive u can see how she instantly fell in love with her ibook. i mean that was back in February 2005. she has written quite a lot la since then la kan. the interesting thing is, she is quite the pandai menjaga barang. the ibook is still in good working order. she has even upgraded to the latest Mac OS X leopard. which is what i'm currently having a go at.

i was having some initial challenges in transitioning from the windows environment to that of the mac. but i tell ya. it's really a short learning curve. u can do pretty much everything that u used to on windows, but probably even faster or better on the mac. hehe i won't preach la. th…

i'm in the mood..

if two consenting adults engage in oral sex in private, even if there is a law against it, what can anyone else do about it anyways? how the fcuk will anyone else know about it.. hehe unless u get caught on tape doing it la kan. but that's totally a different story la. what's the fuss? people bend/break the rules all the time. it only matters when get caught doing it. if not, does it matter?

if a tree falls in the jungle where no one is there to listen to it, does it really make a sound?

that's just fcukin A ain't it?

this whole debate just begs the question of "ape takde kerja lain ke kita nak bincang pasal benda ni" or if we say it in english and i'm definitely not trying to be less patriotic about this, "don't we have better things to do than to talk about this"?

there's so many things you can write about just by commenting on what u read in the newspapers eh.

anyways, i really wanted to talk a bit more on education. having decided to b…

here's to a new year..

unlike last year's new year's eve celebration, this year we opted for a low key thingy. the experience of getting stuck in that god awful jam dekat the curve last time was enough la. this time its dinner at muz and eju's. we made our way around 8 pm. had to stop at the local petronas for a quick fill up. nope this wasn't because i'm duped by them sms messages saying that there'd be a fuel price hike come 1st jan, nope my car was running on empty. saw a colleague of mine just a few car's infront at the next pump. tak la call takut meletup plak nak isi minyak. hehe.

we got the necessary stuff to bring over. juice (hehe tak minum fizzy drinks la konon), snacks (or as muz would say - jajan) and some bread. we stopped by restauran subang coz the gorgeous senorita said the baby dah lapar. hehe makan roti cappati and air asam boi. the drive over was relatively smooth. there was a lot of cars on the road as u can expect la kan.

arrived at the couples house around 8.3…