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yes.. yes.. yes..

yes. affirmative. its such a simple word. it can mean a lot of things to everyone. yes. the first time it did it for me was when she said it when i asked her out for coffee. 'yes' never sound so good back then. for a first encounter it was great. we found out a lot about each other and time seemed to fly so fast. that was the start of so many wonderful things to come.

next was when she said yes when i asked her to marry me. the time was right and i felt the relationship has progressed enough for us to take the next step. everything that happened to us in the past led us to the moment in our lives when we finally have each other to love and to hold, for the rest of our lives.

and finally was when she said yes as i ask to confirm what the results of the test meant. i couldn't stop smiling. it was supposed to be her birthday dinner celebration but i guess it was my turn to be surprised.

we've been playing this guessing game for over a week. i kinda had a feeling that she was but she threw me off by saying that she's expecting to get her period anytime soon. and just as i was soo confident she was, she said that she did her test and it was negative. i have to admit that it felt rather, how shall i put this, rather frustrating. but on friday she laid all the cards on the table.

the birthday du da started after work. i'd wanted to get the senorita this fancy pair of shoes which we saw before. but it was no where to be found when i tried to look for it on thursday. the senorita suggested that we just go and see la what other options available. so after work, we went to isetan's ladies shoes department. i had an eye on this one nice pair of high heels. nampak sexy. the senorita said that she was looking for something comfortable. it didn't even click to me why'd she wanted to get comfortable shoes. the one's she normally get usually are high heels. so selow. so i got her what she wanted. still tak pikir ape-ape.

we went to chili's. from the outset, it was the molten chocolate cake dessert that was on the agenda. hehe u get free dessert for your birthday. anyways after we ordered, the senorita took something out from her bag and put it on the table. it was a pregnancy test kit. not the one that turns blue, but the ones with the lines. my first instinct was to crack a joke, dah basuh ke? but i refrained la kan (till much later la that is :)) so i asked la? betul ke? hehe still tengah senyum lagi ni. turns out she had tested it the day before. it's still early days i know, so the senorita has now officially been banned from doing any heavy work at the house. the little munchkin and myself have to pick up the slack la kan. tlm's really excited about it too. dah start tolong with the dishes and what not. hehe. and yes i'm still smiling.

so we told our parents and they've been kind enough with words of encouragement. my mom wants me to take it easy on the senorita. whatever that means la kan. ;) have yet to talk to my close friends yet. i figure it'd be best for me to do some reading and research to get as much info as possible. nak prepare la kan. it is the first time for me and i want to experience everything that comes with it.

well maybe i can spare the morning sickness la kot. although doesn't look promising la. dah start feeling loya semacam sometimes. i dunno la if that's psychological or not. ah well see la how..
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