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this will be my last entry..

of the year that is. hehe. drama plak.

i'm not in the mood for work. i mean who comes to work on the eve of the new year anyways? well those people who are at work already la i guess. the plan tonite is to go to muz and eju's for a little chillin whilst waiting for the countdown to start. the view from the guest room at their place is perfect for firework gazing. asked ahmad to come along of course.

we have this old tradition back in the days where we would gather at ahmad's - all 4 of us - the 'lelaki mantap' crew. me, ahmad, azlan and apul. the 4 A's. shit i never realised that. acat, ahmad, azlan and apul. hehe. we would go to bukit antarabangsa, botol coke in hand, sometimes we'lll light up a barbie and pretty much lepak and watch the fireworks. hehe i can't remember the last time we had that. as you grow older and you have more responsibilies your priorities change la kan. well times change. heck i don't even drink coke anymore.

fuck. i have not had a sip of coke for over a year. this coming from someone who used to drink coke like i was plain water. hehe now the next step wud be to try to eliminate fizzy drinks for good. hehe ergh now itu yang susah tu. but can always try la kan.

the weekend was a good one for arsenal. hehe 4 - 1 against a dogged everton team who didn't deserve to lose with that scoreline but fuck if i care la kan. the important thing is that the gunners go into the new year on top after manurenited lost to west ham. hehe. go the gunners!

the weekend also saw the gorgeous senorita getting a haircut. hehe it doesn't really matter how she wears her hair she'll always be one hot momma to me. i had to go to the hardware store to get some stuff to fix the broken flush handle in the guest bathroom. the little munchkin la ni. ganas. hehe. anyways we went out of the apartment together. the senorita was fidgeting a bit. saying how she had to drive all alone to atria for her facial and haircut.

you nak i hantar ke?

hehe of course la kan. thing is kami guys ni tak gheti sangat hints hints ni. the wives should know la that we would do anything for you. anything. so tak payah hint. just cakap aje. bisa diatur beres buk. hehe especially la bila yang request itu sedang carry ur anak dalam perut for the next how many months la kan. so ape sahaja yang diminta. beres. we would do it regardless. hehe kekadang tu walaupun nampak macam we don't wanna do it. but we will do it anyways. because a guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do.

no matter how trivial the request is, don't be afraid to let your man know. dia mesti buat punye. hehe well maybe that's just me la kot.

but sometimes bila circumstances outside of his control, please forgive la the man kalau dia tak dapat fullfil your request. macam nak air asam boi dekat restaurant subang lepas pukul 10 tu, susah sket la kan. tapi kalau terpaksa jugak kena la cari alternative lain ye dok.

hehe tapi alhamdulillah setakat ni, the gorgeous senorita belum lagi mendapat apa-apa cravings yang luar biasa. i remember my mom telling me that dia nangis bila my dad tak kasi dia makan biji coffee during one of her pregnancies dulu. kunyah coffee. hehe. ada orang lain nak share experience ngidam pelik-pelik? feel free.

anyways, bila nak pick up the senorita dekat atria tu, singgah la kejap dekat victoria music station. nampak cd led zeppelin. mothership. double disc compilation. i tell you. i love led zep. stairway to heaven. black dog. immigrant song. listening to this album is a new experince for me. these guys rock. hehe like orang tak tau la kan. which leads me to conclude that nothing is old. a rock band from the 70's can still be fresh to someone listening to it for the very first time. hehe dengar punye dengar u finally understand how a many tock bands are influenced by them. case in point. cuba dengar immigrant song and dengar pangeran cinta from dewa. hehe. tak la sama tapi the opening itu hehe sikit ade similar kan.

anyways, happy new year everyone.
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