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the langkawi escapade part 3..

now after her spa treat and tls's and my pool dip we were feeling rather famished. so we decided to go out for dinner. having finally realised where pantai cenang is, we decided to go eat there. we found this nice eatery at in front of the underwater world so we parked the car and proceeded to order. the senorita ordered ikan bakar. can't remember what was the fish. i ordered ikan pari. ya'll know la me and fish bones so i stuck with the one fish yg i knew can't get me tercekik punya.

muka kenyang..

best makan. we concluded that anywhere in langkawi wud be okay la to eat. hehe. after dinner seeing that there was still a lot of fuel in the tank we figured we take a drive la. nengok ape ade kat langkawi. macam la buleh nampak anything pun since dah gelap. but drove we did. jalan punya jalan, we used the senorita's gps enabled e9o as a guide la kan. sampai satu tahap tu we can only se where we were but on the map there was no road. hehe kalut jugak. but maybe that was due to us going into some jalan kecik kot.

we wanted to go round the island. at first dah betul. then decide nak gi ke lain. aleh aleh pergi ke lain. lama gak drive nasib baik minyak cukup. hehe tu aa nak perabihkan minyak la katakan.

sampai the hotel pun dah penat. dalam kepala dah tak sabo nak balik hehe.

notice a few interesting things about the little munchkin during the trip. he's very attached to the senorita. ya la kan whaddya expect. there's this one game the senorita did with tlm. whenever he starts getting restless in the car, the senorita wud quickly count 1.. 2.. 3 and fakes a snore. tlm terus aje baring macam tidor. most of the time he wud just tido terus aje. hehe. best gile macam ade switch plak.

the senorita also took the opportunity to record tlm sing them astro ceria cartoons tunes. ya la nanti bila dah 'pecah sora' nanti takde la suara-suara cute dia lagi. hehe it thought that was soo sweet.

we checked out of the hotel by 12 and made our way to the jetty. sebelum balik tu sempat la amik gambar kat beach sat. tak mandi pun kat beach since the swimming pool was so close.

waiting to go home

the drive home was almost uneventful, bar for the fact that we i screwed up with the navigations leading to us taking a slightly scenic route further up north before heading down south again, and that horrendous rain coming from outta no where. ribut semacam. hehe but alhamdulillah selamat sampai. so that's about it la kan.
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