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this will be my last entry..

of the year that is. hehe. drama plak.

i'm not in the mood for work. i mean who comes to work on the eve of the new year anyways? well those people who are at work already la i guess. the plan tonite is to go to muz and eju's for a little chillin whilst waiting for the countdown to start. the view from the guest room at their place is perfect for firework gazing. asked ahmad to come along of course.

we have this old tradition back in the days where we would gather at ahmad's - all 4 of us - the 'lelaki mantap' crew. me, ahmad, azlan and apul. the 4 A's. shit i never realised that. acat, ahmad, azlan and apul. hehe. we would go to bukit antarabangsa, botol coke in hand, sometimes we'lll light up a barbie and pretty much lepak and watch the fireworks. hehe i can't remember the last time we had that. as you grow older and you have more responsibilies your priorities change la kan. well times change. heck i don't even drink coke anymore.

fuck. i have not …

sudah tada idea?

The best thing in life ain't free. that's kinda like a contradiction because more often than not the 'free' stuff makes the whole experience much sweeter. free lunch. buy one get one free. free nights stay at some fancy restaurant. the list go on and on.

but i guess u have to wonder about the value of something that is free. something given has no value? hehe i disagree. why? coz what if u give ur heart to someone? does that not hold any value. giving ur all to a worthy cause? giving .. shit, i'm watching the grand finals of sehati berdansa on astro ria.. what's with the drag show get up for the opening act? hehe fuck i am digressing. hehe the contestants are giving something themselves. Making right old fools of themselves for a good cause. the winner will win 100k15K for their respective charity.

okay. nope this is not a sehati berdansa review show.

so back to the issue at hand. oh wait my sister ana is live on suriafm with them radiostar. is she part of the ban…

good bye 07, hello 08..

so who's bright idea was it to do the result show before having to perform? watching the one in a million performance with the girl yang kena vote off tu struggling to contain her tears performing that christina aguilerra song yang very the powderful tu was almost torture. someone should put her out of her misery.

aaanyways, this is not a one in a million review show.


this is going to be a very serious post.

yes. this is.

this will be that kind of post where i don't know where i'm going with it.

time flies. its already the 28th of december. the dying embers of 2007 already flickering towards oblivion. how time fits the role of the ultimate healer. old wounds long forgotten and new dreams waiting to be lived. i guess that's just how things are. looking back at 2007, the year has been good. getting married. becoming a dad. buns in the oven. new prospects at work. 2007 has pretty much everything.

and you wonder what can top all that?

well come july 08 we will all find out.

dup dap dup dap..

you wanna hear the heart beat?

when the doctor asked us that i was a little bit overwhelmed. i mean you can see it on the screen. the tiny outlines of the limbs. the shape of the heat. the flicker of the heart beat. at 9 weeks it's amazing how the baby is developing. i know this the first time for me so ya'll just have to bear with this excited father. hehe.

we went for our first check up yesterday. despite having to wait for the doctor for a bit it was really a pleasant experience. she asked us all the necessary information. noting how we looked like a really young couple (gorgeous senorita must be really pleased with that) before being surprised when the senorita told her that the first pregnancy was 10 years ago.

what were you then? 12?

hehe i guess the senorita could use with a little compliment.

anyways the doctor did her thing and this is where the wonders of modern technology begins to wow u. the doctor showed us our first glimpse of the baby. the feeling was indescribable. …

another arsenal fan in the making?

okay the gorgeous senorita is officially my lucky charm for watching arsenal matches. the second half against spurs just now, the senorita just sat down and immediately fabregas did that fantastic backheel to find adebayor for the gunner's first goal. okay la spur's equalizer notwithstanding, i really think luck had something to do with almunia saving the penalty and subsequently bendtner's winning header.

now the sexy senorita does not watch football.



hehe yang kat dalam tu sokong arsenal kot?


expecting the expected..

we saw knocked up the other day. now in light of the pregnancy news that movie was really an eye opener. i dunno whether you'd be put off by it or get more excited about the whole thing. well i was already excited to begin with. most of my free surfing time nowadays is spent searching for info about pregnancy. reading blogs about other people's experience, and pretty much trying to prepare myself as much as possible. figuring what i need to do to support the gorgeous, sexy, glowing senorita during the whole process.

the first step would be to accompany her for her first check up. since the holiday was cancelled i decided to defer my leave today to next monday so that i can be with her for the check up. now i think we need to come up with a check list of things to ask the doctor. hmm. ape nak tanya?

now a visit to the gynae isn't exactly a trip to the dentist. but at least u pretty much have a clear idea of what your symptoms are. what la am i saying here. hehe. i dunno, i…

hotel reservations

the following is a sponsored post..

sometimes all you need is for somebody to come up with a good idea. Hotel Reservations is such an idea.

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hotelreservations also cater for flights and car rentals. and you can try to look for that perfect vacation rentals and packages. its fast becoming another one stop shop for all your travel needs.

selamat hari raya..

spent the whole morning watching people slaughtering cattle. not really pleasant viewing but figured what the hey. setahun sekali as they say. i thought i could help out with the work but i ended up tolong jugak la. tolong tengok aje.

afterwards we went to my mom's. ayam masak merah galore. hehe. and kuah lontong. hehe ferget about it.

we decided against going on that holiday to teluk cempedak. with the weather and the senorita's condition, we didn't want to risk it. so i'll be going to the office tomorrow. yeay. NOT.

anyhow, selamat hari raya aidiladha.

1-0 to the arsenal..

What a finish to a really tense game. The gunners should have scored more but a win is still a win and we're back on top of the table. Man urenited is breathing down our neck with that win against liverpool. Things are getting interesting.

Spurs next. That one will be another test for the arsenal. Passions will be high. Come on the gunners!!!

loan me some lovin..

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when it comes to borrowing money, we just can't run away from having to engage in it. i mean unless you're born into extravagant riches, you're bound to have to make a decision. loans or no loans?

to take a loan or not. for example buying a house requires a significant capital outlay. more often than not a homeowners loan can assist you in fulfilling it. the decision to take up a loan must not be taken lightly. i recall a friend of mine who took up a personal loan because he wanted to get married. the interest was favorable enough and he figured that since the marriage was for life it would be worth it. not 7 months has passed before they got divorced. and he is still paying for the loan!

but that i guess is an isolated case. you can't really tell about the future. the important thing to consider when you want to take up a loan is your availability to meet your payments. can you service your loan or not? loans are liabilities that can …

we have moved..

u may or might notice but this blog has moved from to

technically there's not much difference as blogspot still forwards u to the new address automatically. but it doesn't hurt if u wanna update ur bookmark. hehe.

yes.. yes.. yes..

yes. affirmative. its such a simple word. it can mean a lot of things to everyone. yes. the first time it did it for me was when she said it when i asked her out for coffee. 'yes' never sound so good back then. for a first encounter it was great. we found out a lot about each other and time seemed to fly so fast. that was the start of so many wonderful things to come.

next was when she said yes when i asked her to marry me. the time was right and i felt the relationship has progressed enough for us to take the next step. everything that happened to us in the past led us to the moment in our lives when we finally have each other to love and to hold, for the rest of our lives.

and finally was when she said yes as i ask to confirm what the results of the test meant. i couldn't stop smiling. it was supposed to be her birthday dinner celebration but i guess it was my turn to be surprised.

we've been playing this guessing game for over a week. i kinda had a feeling that she was…

the langkawi escapade part 3..

now after her spa treat and tls's and my pool dip we were feeling rather famished. so we decided to go out for dinner. having finally realised where pantai cenang is, we decided to go eat there. we found this nice eatery at in front of the underwater world so we parked the car and proceeded to order. the senorita ordered ikan bakar. can't remember what was the fish. i ordered ikan pari. ya'll know la me and fish bones so i stuck with the one fish yg i knew can't get me tercekik punya.

muka kenyang..

best makan. we concluded that anywhere in langkawi wud be okay la to eat. hehe. after dinner seeing that there was still a lot of fuel in the tank we figured we take a drive la. nengok ape ade kat langkawi. macam la buleh nampak anything pun since dah gelap. but drove we did. jalan punya jalan, we used the senorita's gps enabled e9o as a guide la kan. sampai satu tahap tu we can only se where we were but on the map there was no road. hehe kalut jugak. but maybe that was d…