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some update..

well time sure flies when ur havin fun. well in my case when ur rushing through some (read: A LOT) of work that needs to be doin. the fact that i've been in the department for way too long doesn't help oso. dah jadi go to guy if for everything. well this team building thing coming next week is a welcome break. all work and no play makes jack a dull boy eh? but seeing as some of my colleagues came back with bruises from the paintball game that they had i guess it may not be as fun as u'd expect.

tomorrow is the last day of syawal. damn. has it been a month already? it's already november. the new year's just around the corner. what have i been doing the past year. hehe. new life, new responsibilities. i guess that's why things seem to fly superfast.

hmm. can u ever just like run out of things to write about?

hehe apparently not. reading through some of the regular blogs i go to, it seems that more and more has been hooked on the facebook craze. si ahmad even has like a daily routine for all things facebookey. hehe facebookey? wtf. he really needs to get some soon. ingat nak buat side project, mencari girlfriend utk ahmad. hehe but it seems that the dude has found a project of his own. hehe maleh nak citer. i'm sure he's dying to blog about it sooner or later.

anyways, in today's day an age of modernity, there's a tendency for people to forgo courtesy and common-sensical behavior. i mean rushing through our daily lives, we sometime forget, sengaja or not, that the simplest of things would go a long way. i like the fact that the gorgeous senorita still buzzes me to tell me that she's meeting a friend. i mean even i sometimes fail to do even that. leaving things to the last minute and what not. but not her. she's so proper like that. i like. sejuk perut org dulu-dulu kata. i know la the whole isteri perlu akur pada perintah suami but for me personally, i'm not la a stickler to memenda yang kecik ni. so when ur wife is all courteous and what not ni don't la be taking advantage plak kan. i over heard someone on the phone, the husband was like talking to the wife about something. she then asked if it was okay for her to go somewhere to visit a friend or something. to which the husband replied, sukati awak la dah besar pandai pikir sendiri.

afterwards he said to me la, hmm bila wife kita tanya permission buat-buat sarcastic semacam bila tak cakap marah la plak. tah. why eh? i guess some people just love to spark things up a bit for whatever reason.

still la kan, if i ever run out of things to write, should i just stop and don't write? or should i just keep on spewing crapola that may or may not be readable to anyone? hehe lets just tempt fate and keep on writing.

there's this old japanese movie directed by the much celebrated akira kurosawa. the seven samurai starring toshiro mifune. a classic samurai movie, very much became the inspiration behind a lot of other movies. the magnificent seven. a bugs life. i loved it. for shizzle. i mean it is really inspirational. the whole fight against injustice and oppression. i mean what's not to like. okay i'm digressing. anyways, there's like an anime based on the seven samurai aptly entitled samurai 7. i'm up to episode 14. borrowed the dvd from my brother. shit i'm hooked. hehe.

what's with me and samurai's and ninjas and what not eh?? hmm i guess that's la why a friend nominated me most likely to be a ninja on superlative.

hehe okay dah penat.

hehe always put pics yg make u look
thinner than u really are..

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