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the langkawi escapade part 2..

Langkawi 023
the pool life..

when we arrived at the hotel we were already tired and not really in any mood to go out so we decided to hit the swimming pool. twas quite a big pool. the water was just nice and it was good to just chill. our room was strategically placed in the sense that when u open the doors to u can just walk straight to the pool. the beach was also a few steps away.

the pool had this deep area. which was like 2.49 meters. the little munchkin swam effortlessly and commented that he was a 'lelaki sejati' because he can swim at the deep end. the senorita also was 'le.. perempuan sejati' coz she oso can swim at the deep end. apparently i was not that sejati. hehe. tried to swim and panic overtook me as i gulp in some o that swimming pool water goodness. nasib baik la tak buat drama like lemas or anything like that. malu aje.

that night the plan was to make our way to pantai cenang and find a place to eat. there were some eateries at pantai tengah where we were tapi biasa la gatal. drive punya drive i think we i missed a turn and we seemed to be going on for ages. last last tukar plan and we drove on to kuah to see what can we find over there. susah gak nak drive bila tak familiar with the route. my bad oso sebab tak plan properly eh.

lapor nak makan.

tak banyak kedai yang bukak. or maybe we didn't look at the right places. anyways we settled at this eatery la. sebelah dia kedai nasik campur yang quite ramai orang. the tom yam place. next to it dah full so we sat at this pakcik's place which only sells mee soup and nasi ayam. we ordered food from the tom yam place. but we ordered the drinks from the pakcik. he makes a mean nescafe ais. the senorita and tlm already got their food. i was still waiting. tunggu punya tunggu last-last when i checked with the tom yam place the guy can just say er sorry la bang kita tak buat abang punya. wtf? so ended up makan nasi ayam aje.

for a tourist spot langkawi sure shuts up shop quite early. some shops 9-9.30 dah tutup. we went back to the hotel and planned for tomorrow.

now the packaged we got came with breakfast for two so we were prepared to pay for the little munchkin. the funny (not ha ha funny tho) bit was instead of having ur standard kids are under 12 bits u have this one line next to the wall and those above the line will be considered as adults. ridiculous aint it? hehe the little munchkin's only 10. hehe but then again we won't be calling him little for long la kan. he's already as tall as the mom.

anak mak..

after breakfast the first order of the day was to go to the underwater world. the little munchkin was excited. ala kids and fishes and animals. i had high expectations for the place. but then i remembered that there was that incident with the dead fishes and all so we don't know if they'd did anything about that.

Langkawi 037 DSC01285
the penguins were great..

it was very educational. we even got the little munchkin to read all the information on the board. but true enuff a big chunk of the exhibit was closed because of the dead fishes. but there were a lot more la that u can see. the 3d cinema also was under maintenance so u got like a 3d movie with no 3d.

japanese carp..

keeping to the routine we had lunch at kuah. mcdonalds. hehe. did a spot of shopping for a bit before making our way back to the hotel. the senorita had her spa appointment. so it was off to the pool for myself and the little munchkin..

to be continued..
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