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the langkawi escapade part 1

so since it was the school holidays the gorgeous senorita decided that it would be a good time to go on a holiday. we had our honeymoon and it was great just the two of us, so having tlm around this time would be a new experience la. for her. for him and for me.

the plan was to drive to kuala perlis early saturday morning. take the ferry and pretty much just chill for 3 days and 2 nights. the senorita made reservations at the holiday villa which was not a bad place to stay. but more on that later. before the trip, well the night before la kan the senorita was hard at work preparing some savoury morsels for our road trip. hehe macam nak pegi picnic plak with the sandwiches and what not. hehe tapi i tell ya, sungguh la sehat dan berkhasiat the senorita's sandwich. hehe. sedap sehingga menjilat tapak tangan.

originally the plan was to leave the house around 6.30 a.m. tapi biasalakan nak bangun pagi awal on a saturday memang susah. we ended up making our way around 7ish. the senorita was up for the first shift of driving.

orang drive tak leh nengok camera..

the senorita was as efficient a driver as ever which meant that we pretty much made up for lost time in no time at all. the first scheduled pit stop was sungai perak. coz there's fruits. and well fruits la kan. i think we arrived around 10ish kot? tak ingat plak.

Langkawi 001
sungai perak..

the senorita bought her fruits and after that we switched driving and continued on our journey. they pretty much renovated one side of the sungai perak rest area. menarik gak but i guess they're still not done with the work.

Langkawi 013
hehe again.. orang drive tak leh what?

anyways when it was my turn to drive terus la jadi macam sunday driving. hehe. apparently when it comes to comparing the driving of myself and the senorita, she likened it to me taking 9 hours to get to kuala perlis to her 6. hmm. i guess if u wanna get somewhere fast then the senorita is the way to go. but its not like i was THAT selow pun.

if ur driving to langkawi chances are u'd either take the ferry at kuala kedah or kuala perlis. we chose the latter because supposedly its the shorter sea journey. the senorita can't really stand long boat rides. the little munchkin was behaving himself the whole time. he was really excited about the trip when we told him. the night before tak sabo-sabo wants us to pick him up from his grandma's becoz he wants to sleep early so that can bangun awal for the trip. hehe. seronok tengok dia all excited.

i think we arrived at kuala perlis around 1.30ish. made our way to the parking area where some guys directed us to a nice covered spot. these parking minders also moonlights as travel agents. macam-macam package they try to entice us with. we ended up renting a car from their contacts. which in fact wasn't such a good idea la. whilst it is convenient for u to have a car readily waiting once u get off the terminal, u don't really have a choice on the condition of the car that ur going to get. we asked for an automatic wira. we got it but it left much to be desired la kan. hehe noted la for the next trip if any.

the ferry tickets was still priced at the usual price. if u asked me i won't even know if ada kenaikan or not. the senorita got the tickets and we waited for the ferry to come.

playing games while waiting for the ferry..

if u notice, the senorita was playing with my psp. tlm on his gameboy. what about me? well i tried to update my blog using the senorita's phone. tapi tak dapat. hence this long update la kan.. the wait for the ferry was kinda confusing. first of all u don't really know from which gate u'd be entering from. u'r queuing at one but they open another. and they pretty much give preference to group travellers to enter first, yg kelakarnya once ur on the jetty takde la plak monitor orang potong que ke ape ke. so ended up we made our way to the front and into the boat onto our seats.

our ferry ride was delayed for a bit so we arrived at kuah around 4ish (maybe the senorita can correct my timings when she reads this eh) the guy with the car was waiting. couldn't even leave a decent amount of petrol in the tank. mengagau jugak nak carik stesen minyak. drive punya drive jumpa. we then made our way to the hotel. hehe penat.

to be continued..
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