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boys to men..

well i'm suppose to update on the langkawi trip but i guess today's events should come first. i took the day off today to accompany my son, the little munchkin on him taking his first steps to being a man. yep. ladies and gentlemen, my boy is getting circumcised.

as a boy growing up with elder brothers. circumcisions is like expected and normal. u hear stories and ur elder brothers scare u with their tales of tok mudim with parang panjang karat, batang pisang lah. the best bits that i gathered from all the stories was the whole mandi kena berendam or even kena spray dengan bomba. but at least i was kinda prepared. i didn't know how the little munchkin was gonna take it tho. he didn't have an older brother to prep him for the experience to come. but i'm proud to say that my son passed his first test with flying colors.

the appointment was set for 11 am. we came earlier just to calm our nerves. hehe my nerves actually. i was being nervous for the little munchkin. he se…


its really great to be an arsenal fan right now.. 2-0 win against wigan. leaving it late yet again. ur closest rival stumbling at bolton. 3 points clear with one game in hand. hehe. best ooo.

now i'm sure they'll probably start losing now coz i've jinxed the team by being ooh so takabur.. hehe hopefully not la.

go the gunners..

the langkawi escapade part 2..

the pool life..

when we arrived at the hotel we were already tired and not really in any mood to go out so we decided to hit the swimming pool. twas quite a big pool. the water was just nice and it was good to just chill. our room was strategically placed in the sense that when u open the doors to u can just walk straight to the pool. the beach was also a few steps away.

the pool had this deep area. which was like 2.49 meters. the little munchkin swam effortlessly and commented that he was a 'lelaki sejati' because he can swim at the deep end. the senorita also was 'le.. perempuan sejati' coz she oso can swim at the deep end. apparently i was not that sejati. hehe. tried to swim and panic overtook me as i gulp in some o that swimming pool water goodness. nasib baik la tak buat drama like lemas or anything like that. malu aje.

that night the plan was to make our way to pantai cenang and find a place to eat. there were some eateries at pantai tengah where we were tapi bia…

the langkawi escapade part 1

so since it was the school holidays the gorgeous senorita decided that it would be a good time to go on a holiday. we had our honeymoon and it was great just the two of us, so having tlm around this time would be a new experience la. for her. for him and for me.

the plan was to drive to kuala perlis early saturday morning. take the ferry and pretty much just chill for 3 days and 2 nights. the senorita made reservations at the holiday villa which was not a bad place to stay. but more on that later. before the trip, well the night before la kan the senorita was hard at work preparing some savoury morsels for our road trip. hehe macam nak pegi picnic plak with the sandwiches and what not. hehe tapi i tell ya, sungguh la sehat dan berkhasiat the senorita's sandwich. hehe. sedap sehingga menjilat tapak tangan.

originally the plan was to leave the house around 6.30 a.m. tapi biasalakan nak bangun pagi awal on a saturday memang susah. we ended up making our way around 7ish. the senorita wa…

some update..

well time sure flies when ur havin fun. well in my case when ur rushing through some (read: A LOT) of work that needs to be doin. the fact that i've been in the department for way too long doesn't help oso. dah jadi go to guy if for everything. well this team building thing coming next week is a welcome break. all work and no play makes jack a dull boy eh? but seeing as some of my colleagues came back with bruises from the paintball game that they had i guess it may not be as fun as u'd expect.

tomorrow is the last day of syawal. damn. has it been a month already? it's already november. the new year's just around the corner. what have i been doing the past year. hehe. new life, new responsibilities. i guess that's why things seem to fly superfast.

hmm. can u ever just like run out of things to write about?

hehe apparently not. reading through some of the regular blogs i go to, it seems that more and more has been hooked on the facebook craze. si ahmad even has l…

Join the club..

When i got in the lrt today, this girl was standing at my favorite spot playing on her white psp. Couldn't see what she was playing though.

Which got me thinking la kan. If you round up all the people who take the lrt that by chance have a psp with them, you can pretty much organize mini gaming tournaments. A quick footie match from kelana jaya to klcc maybe? Or a hunting party from wangsa maju to bangsar perhaps? The possibility is endless.

If there is such a club, i'd join it for sure.

I say wut wut..

Okay. I'm a british graduate. But you probably couldn't have guessed it if you ever see me. I don't lift my pinky when i drink my tea, and i don't much prefer crumpets for breakfast. I don't have an accent when i speak, well apart from the fake scottish one that sounds a bit like indian.

Well that's a bit of an exaggeration la. I'm sure british graduates are a beacon of exemplary behaviour. The positive values that they all picked up whilst studying over there would probably translate well in their day to day activity.

Yeah. Yeah.

This coming from a guy who on his most obnoxious behavioral days dropped his shorts when holland scored against brazil in the 98 world cup. To which his brother said ha tu la hooligan dari uk.

Holland manage to lose the game btw.

Why the slight reminiscing? Well the senorita's company got a table for the 20th anniversary dinner of the british graduates association of malaysia. She asked me along, well me being a british graduat…


Hmm despite the fact that i'm very open when it comes to blogging, there are still some information that i consider to be private or inappropriate to be written in public. More often than not this revolves around whatever happens at the office, heck i don't think i've ever stated where i work although that's easy to guess la kan but i've never actually confirmed it la kan.

Its not that i've ever disclosed anything confidential or shit like that, i just don't want my professional life being interspersed with my personal blog. This has always been my stand la kan.

Now recently the company has become more strict with its it policies. So websites of the blog nature has been blocked. I don't have a problem with it since nowadays i only blog from my phone when i'm commuting anyways. So when this blogger colleague complained that she was having problems posting, i casually said that hey why don't you just activate the mail to blogger function and jus…