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will cook, have cooked..

so i told the senorita that we'll bukak posa at home on sunday coz i wanna have a go at cooking. hehe. yep u got that right. did a quick googling for some recipes and i figured lets start with something simple. can't go wrong with masak lemak cili api right? hehe yeah right..

the morning started rather early. the senorita treated me or rather my trusty kelisa to a full interior wash. hehe so now the car is like new, hehe the interior la kan. took the opportunity to go to giant to get some ingredients for the cook out. this is where things started to go wrong la.

first i was queueing to buy some kunyit, serai, and cili api. and some apple juice for the sexy senorita. queued for a bit and when it came to my turn to pay, the cashier said that the serai ain't got no barcode.

cashier: bang takde barcode la..
me: so tak leh beli ke?
cashier: (asks colleague to left and right) ada code ke?
colleagues: takde
cashier: bang takde barcode la..
me: so how?
cashier: looks left and right all blur..
me: aah ferget about it..
cashier: takpe bang? oh ookay..

ooh kaay. so i had to go buy the serai somewhere else.

there was still time to chill la. budget buleh start masak around 4ish. we started prison break season 2. hehe this at a time when people are downloading season 3. ah well. takpe. tunggu keluar dvd banyak sket buleh nengok sekali gus.

come 4.30 i went to the kitchen to start. peeled the potatos. and i was looking for the kunyit. now i looked at the kunyit, cut it and was surprised slightly that the kunyit smelled a lot like ginger. duh. coz it was ginger! now i know how can someone mistook kunyit for halia. well if u wanna know. kunyit in english is yellow ginger. wtf? i tot it was tumeric. or maybe tumeric is serbuk kunyit? aah so i quickly rushed to giant. and got the kunyit.

potong kunyit. potong cili. tumbuk it all together. hehe dah siap. masuk dalam periuk. tambah daging, some water and wait for it to empuk. i put in some asam keping oso. whilst i was stirring the pot, guess la what happened? gas plak habis. talk about a bad start la kan. cepat plak rush to local sundry shop and ask them to deliver it to our place. nasib baik cepat.

so daging dah empuk, campur santan, and then biar la ia dok simmer. at the time that i was preparing that one meal, gorgeous senorita siap buat dua. chicken ala microwave and sayur kangkung belacan. and i was like a jaga in front of the pot. hehe dah aa tak boleh nak test. tak tau la how it would turn out.

lepas dah masak, i did a simple telur dadar. and then we just wait for berbuka..

now i have to tell ya. looking at the gulai lemak, i tot that i'd finally gotten it right. the look dia dah betul dah. tapi rasa dia.. alamak, i think terlebih letak the asam keping la. frust la jugak. sebab dah bersemangat punya. the little munchkin makan aje macam biasa tak kata ape pun la kan. probably because he wouldn't know what it's suppose to taste like anyways. hehe later while washing the dishes la kan. i asked the senorita, if i didn't brought up the whole gulai being masam bit would she have told me anyways?

what do u guys think?
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