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the saturday do..

the weekend was quite packed. choc full of activities. hehe. first it was off to shop for the little munchkin's raya get up. we got up quite early and drove off to midvalley to see what metrojaya has to offer. keluar rumah before ten because we didn't want to have parking troubles. true enuff banyak lagi empty spaces when we arrived but it was filling up fast. when we got there, metrojaya was still closed so we waited for a bit.

tunggu kedai bukak..

i remembered when i was a kid the cool raya clothes would almost often be kiki lala or kiko or what ever name brands that were there at the time. but the little munhkin has pretty much outgrown those brands. we have to look for stuff at the teenager sections. dapat la some nice cargo pants and nicer kotak shirts. we also got him some nice pants at cape cod. size 30 okay. i was like size thirty when i was doing my a levels. hehe takpe kanak-kanak tengah membesar.

buying the pants was a bit of a chore. no one was attending the cape cod section. we had to get the east india guy to do alterations for the pants. kena potong sket sebab panjang. then we have to wait for more than an hour sebab ramai orang kot. so the senorita did her round of shopping. blamed me for her getting some shoes coz she waited too long. hehe i managed to add to my work attire with a maroon shirt from wan husin aka van heusen.

lama gak dekat midvalley. we manage to go to the gardens just to see what the new place was like. i liked the layout. tapi tak sempat la nak round habis robinsons, isetan semua.

before making our move, the senorita reminded me to get something for my parents since it was their 36th anniversary together. got some nice chocolates at leonidas. hehe hopefully adik-beradik yg lain will keep their hands off those. hehe.

the plan was to berbuka puasa with my parents and all the crazy gang yang ada kat rumah. we'd have a little celebration for my parents and basically just chill aje. semua ada except for asyiq my dr to be brother in russia and also my sister jannah kat penang. the little munchkin again was busy melayan the two terrors aidil and nabil. dok main ps2 and make believe wrestling. risau gak sebab budak dua ekor tu kecik aje compared to tlm. but semua okay aje.

my sister ita baked a cake, chocolate with strawberries on top. i bought ice cream and air tebu. my mom cooked my favourite masak lemak kobis, and daging dendeng. my dad bought kari kepala ikan and crabs. pergh. mewah sungguh makan. masa nak tiup lilin tu the two tikes to yang sebok, nak niup. pantang ade lilin. hehe.

happy anniversary..

afterwards we chilled a bit la sambil my aspiring artist sister ana belt out some tunes on the guitar. kitorang dok ngaco dia bila dia nak buat album eh. hehe album gambar dah banyak :) missed all those fun family moments. hehe can't wait to create more fun family moments of my own.

we left the house around 10. i wanted to stay and watch the footie but tlm was getting restless coz it was close to his bedtime. arsenal won 1 -0. so it goes to show that i don't have to watch them play anymore coz they still win anyways. hehe takbur.

all that leads up nicely to the highlight of the weekend which is the follow up to the whole can't cook, won't cook du da.. to be continued..
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