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i know what u did last raya.. part II

buung apa tu abah?

burung murai..

burung apa?

burung murai..

burung apa?

burung murai..

burung apa(yg ke 105)?

aku tampo kang bisu..

hehe itu kalau aku la kot..

well malam raya to we arrive at our apartment around 2ish am. sok sek sok sek dah nak pukul 3. gosok baju anak semua, masuk tido.

usually it takes me around 30-45 minutes to drive from KJ to my parents' place. pagi raya punye drive with senorita schumacher took about 20 minutes kot. i think my mom still tak tido lagi from last night's worth of cooking. sian. after everyone dah balik from the masjid we were ready for another of the raffali clan's long time tradition. the salam-salaman pagi raya bit. now for those uninitiated to our family, this has the potential to become an overwhelming event.

abang long start dulu..

i think everyone will go thru the pagi raya drama bits right? well when ur in a big family like ours ni macam-macam telatah and gelagat dapat dilihat. my dad was trying his best not to get too emotional by being as sarcastic as possible. but i think towards the end tu dia terasa jugak la kan. dekat rumah tu, adik beradik yg kerja la kan will give duit raya to adik-adik diorang. so my youngest brother ariff tu la yg paling untung.

muka smug dapat duit raya banyok..

we have this award for the most dramatic performance pagi raya. my dad said that if my sister ita was there she wud have won hands down la but this year anugerah globe untuk "mintak maaf paling beremosi" sekali jatuh kepada .. ariff. hehe. and if there was an award for potong stim moment, it must fall to my dad. as my brother adi was starting to mintak maaf semua, dengan selamba saja my dad tanya.. ko plak adi bila nak kawin? hehe potong.

afterwards it was time for maakan. ayam masak merah mummy. masak lodeh. abah's lemang. pagi aje dah dua round kalu.

tiga dara pingitan..

the senorita was all over the ayam masak merah. hehe bagus la. makan laa. makan. hehe. the little munchkin was in between eating and the ps2. i was well eating oso. my brother ijai put his hotel experience to good use. hidangan and the drinks was all him.

single lagi ni.. hehe..

after eating the bunch of us made our way to visit my arwah sister's grave. that was quite a sombre moment for all of us. teringat like it was yesterday aje..

banyak lagi nak citer ni tapi dah penat..

selamat hari raya..
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