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i know what u did last raya.. part I

so raya came and pretty much went. i got off work early on friday to sorta help out with the preparation at my parents' place. the drive was relatively clear. org dok sebok nak gi jumaat. my dad was planning to 'bakar lemang'. so ingatnye buleh la nak mai nolong. my dad has this way of melemang which involves boiling the lemang for like 10 hours before bakar for like another 2 and a half hours more. according to him it ensures that the lemang will be evenly cooked. when i got there they were about ready to bakar the lemang already. hari pun nak hujan at the time.
my brother adi pakar membakar..

the gorgeous senorita had a hair appointment and she would be coming later with the little munchkin. the rest of the raffali clan were there. my sister ana will be coming from shah alam. jannah was already there from penang. my sister ita will be rayaing at her in-laws. so we'll only be seeing nabil, aidil and farzana on the second day of raya. my brother ijai sponsored to paint the house. tak amik plak gambar. bright yellow. yeah. woot woot. my mom was busy preparing food for raya morning, ayam masak merah, masak lodeh, kuah kacang special. the house was a buzzing with so many things to do. last minute kemas-mengemas rumah. hehe biase aa kan. tapi rasa macam sunyi sket sebab takde budak-budak kecik tu. ah well.

berbuka was on ijai. or was it me? i lost count who gave what for the pizza hut treat. hehe tak kesah punya. the senorita came afterwards with the little munchkin. tlm was disappointed because cousins dia takde. tapi that was quickly remedied by playing the ps2.

new look..

i liked what the senorita did with her hair. hehe but then again she can't do much wrong anyways right. hehe. then my brother ijai had this crazy idea to go to masjid india to try to find some last minute bargains on baju raya. the senorita oso said that it had been a while since she went last minute raya shopping. so along with ana and jannah, the 4 of us took my car and we made our way to masjid india. that was like close to 10pm. on the way it started to rain. we were still stuck in the car. it was total gridlocked hehe. semua orang nak try dapat last minute bargains oso. the rain made it worse la kan. i think we were in the car for almost two hours. when we finally parked the car it was still raining. payung pulak pandai.. tak bawak la kan. masuk 7/11 ada plak jual raincoat, satu aje plak tu. so i bought it for the senorita coz she's quite sensitive to the rain.

cute macam budak skolah..

i think if it wasn't for the rain, the gorgeous senorita won't be caught dead wearing that bright yellow thing la kan but at least it served its purpose. function won over form this time. macam-macam karenah orang malam tu. while we were in the car i made it a point to only buy a baju melayu if they sell any for max RM 50. jalan punya jalan jumpa jugak baju melayu pink kaler. hehe. ijai got his oso. nice maroon color mahal sket la tapi. my sisters borong baju kurung RM 100 dapat 3. dan macam-macam lagi la. jalan punya jalan dah pukul 1 lebih. macam tak ingat aje esok nak raya.

hehe we made our way home. tlm dah tido dah pun. kejut dia and the three of us pun balik la rumah dulu. hehe tak sabo nak mai balik esok nak raya.

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