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carrots good for the eyes..

so it had been a while since we went for a movie. masa berdating dulu every other week gak nengok movie rasanye. that's a blatant exaggeration la kan. anyways, a quick browse through for things to watch, i decided on shoot em up. starring clive owen, paul giammati and monica belucci. the trailer on telly seemed cool enough. well if u like mindless violence, guns a shooting, body parts a severing, bloods a gushing than this movie is for u.

the senorita doesn't like all the above.

i LOVE all of the above. including the senorita.

and now the gorgeous senorita has given me more reason to love her some more. not only she withstood an hour and a half's worth of violence there was not even a hint of complain from her. we did a compatibility test on our movie preference and it wasn't good. but i guess u just have to find a way to tolerate ur partners choice eh. i'm more accommodating coz i watch just about anything. hehe. well i try la kan. chick flicks yg dulu just for dvd pun ade gak nengok kat wayang. but as the senorita rightly put it, its the joy of being together with ur other half yg more important.

back to the movie. the premise is simple. a guy sees a some baddies chasing a pregnant woman. he helps her and inadvertently gets involve in something more than meets the eye. nope not transformer like. i like these movies where u have the odds stack up against u, like for example u got 50 baddies with guns rushing up a stair aiming to kill u. and with a cool hand and a sharp eye u just dispatch them all with a shot, whilst eating a carrot at that? what the fuck. hehe so cool. it was like watching azumi, when she was slashing her way thru hundreds of sword wielding ninja killers. hehe best. granted the story greatly defies belief. tak logic, but hey who cares we all know its just entertainment. but would it make u wanna go out and shoot people? well not me la kan. not suitable for kiddies tho.

are kiddies nowadays so susceptible to copying what they see, read or hear about? i wanna believe that we can give them more credit la. but u do start to wonder la, when kids are killing each other over a pen, a disturbed chicken, u just wonder la. where's the world heading. its a tough job raising a kid nowadays.

tah la.

on a more lighter note, ya'll know that's now is a really good time to be an arsenal fan. top of the league, top of group h in the champions league. two scrumptious ties coming up. sundays game against liverpool and the ol enemy man u next week. and now i'll be supporting the gunners in my new arsenal away kit. the 3rd kit. my first arsenal kit which didn't come from my brother adi's foray into the land across the northern border. hehe. and who do i have to thank for this? none other than the gorgeous, lovely, sexy, wonderful, brilliant (notice the extra adjectives?) senorita. the self confessed emile heskey fan who doesn't support any footie team, well maybe wigan la kot? hehe. thank u bb. woot woot.

what more can a guy ask for eh?
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