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Takde kerja..

So gmail recently enabled imap access for its mail service. Now if you set up your phone email client to use imap, apparently it enables the push mail function of your phone. So i'm currently using my k800i to be 'always on' with my gmail account.

But do beware. If you ain't got an unlimited data account than don't bother la. Mahal. Siapa nak tau how can ask me la. He he, or google it k.

Memburu teka-teki

So last sunday the flying monkees took part in the smk assunta alumni summer hunt. It was suppose to be a warm up hunt before we embark on the mother of all hunts, yep the sun motorhunt is back. Here's looking to improve on our previous attempt.

Anyways the assunta hunt turned out to be a good moral booster. As the avid hunters out there might be aware, the flying monkees recently made on to timeout solution's master list. The competition would be much fierce la kan. Our fluky win in the corporate hunt last time round was the deciding factor in the upgrade. Well no matter la, to me we still just have to concentrate on our own game. So during the assunta hunt, we did well for the normal questions, and also the treasure. We did break one of the bolded more difficult questions but we were caught by the challenge which was to pretty much guess how many grapes there were on this one bunch. So potong okay. Was just like a lottery. Much prefer some sort of physical challenge to thi…

carrots good for the eyes..

so it had been a while since we went for a movie. masa berdating dulu every other week gak nengok movie rasanye. that's a blatant exaggeration la kan. anyways, a quick browse through for things to watch, i decided on shoot em up. starring clive owen, paul giammati and monica belucci. the trailer on telly seemed cool enough. well if u like mindless violence, guns a shooting, body parts a severing, bloods a gushing than this movie is for u.

the senorita doesn't like all the above.

i LOVE all of the above. including the senorita.

and now the gorgeous senorita has given me more reason to love her some more. not only she withstood an hour and a half's worth of violence there was not even a hint of complain from her. we did a compatibility test on our movie preference and it wasn't good. but i guess u just have to find a way to tolerate ur partners choice eh. i'm more accommodating coz i watch just about anything. hehe. well i try la kan. chick flicks yg dulu just for d…

ade sorang aje yang ganjil dalam rumah ni..

sometimes we find amusement in the simplest of things. like that night before raya, on our way to masjid india. the senorita and i introduced the alphabet game in the car to my sisters ana and jannah and my brother ijai. we picked a letter and then we try to name everything that we can see along the way. stuck lama dekat D. digi. digital print. Dang Wangi. .. masa tu jam so stuck lama kat jalan tu tak gerak-gerak. so takde la nampak banyak menda kan.

we actually play this before when we drive with the little munchkin. macam i spy. hehe tapi kelako gak sometimes bila nak try tipu and what not.

semalam plak out of the blue, the little munchkin asked us something.

ada sorang aja yang ganjil dalam rumah ni?

er.. sapa?


er kenape?

sebab mama sorang aje pompuan dalam rumah ni.

.. buahahahahah gelak

that triggered a host of other ASAYGDRN questions. papa ganjil sebab dia sorang aje yg main bola sambil tengok bola. (well i was on WEPES while watching myteam lose 2-0 to indonesia). tlm ganjil seba…

update some more..

raya dah masuk seminggu dah ni and we entertained our first raya guest today. saturday was spent raya'ing with the gorgeous senorita's parents. gi cheras, shah alam, pj merata gak. penat la sampai malam tu. dalam dok beraya tu baru dok sedar dah masuk 5 bulan dah kawin. time sure flies when ur having a blast kan? i know some people yang celebrate a lot of things la. the anniversaries not only span annually, but monthly, bi-weekly, etc etc. hehe but i guess we don't really need an excuse to celebrate love ain't it?

anyways, beraya dengan in-laws tu was an interesting experience. i was exposed to a little bit of family history. how the gorgeous senorita's parents met. hehe which in turn reminded me of the confusion we had back at my mom's. confused about how my own parents plak. i always had this idea that my dad saw my mom singing and he was like jatuh cinta sebab terpegun ngan my mom. hehe apparently that wasn't how it happened. kitorang adik beradik dok ar…

i know what u did last raya.. part II

buung apa tu abah?

burung murai..

burung apa?

burung murai..

burung apa?

burung murai..

burung apa(yg ke 105)?

aku tampo kang bisu..

hehe itu kalau aku la kot..

well malam raya to we arrive at our apartment around 2ish am. sok sek sok sek dah nak pukul 3. gosok baju anak semua, masuk tido.

usually it takes me around 30-45 minutes to drive from KJ to my parents' place. pagi raya punye drive with senorita schumacher took about 20 minutes kot. i think my mom still tak tido lagi from last night's worth of cooking. sian. after everyone dah balik from the masjid we were ready for another of the raffali clan's long time tradition. the salam-salaman pagi raya bit. now for those uninitiated to our family, this has the potential to become an overwhelming event.

abang long start dulu..

i think everyone will go thru the pagi raya drama bits right? well when ur in a big family like ours ni macam-macam telatah and gelagat dapat dilihat. my dad was trying his best not to get too emotional by…

i know what u did last raya.. part I

so raya came and pretty much went. i got off work early on friday to sorta help out with the preparation at my parents' place. the drive was relatively clear. org dok sebok nak gi jumaat. my dad was planning to 'bakar lemang'. so ingatnye buleh la nak mai nolong. my dad has this way of melemang which involves boiling the lemang for like 10 hours before bakar for like another 2 and a half hours more. according to him it ensures that the lemang will be evenly cooked. when i got there they were about ready to bakar the lemang already. hari pun nak hujan at the time.

my brother adi pakar membakar..

the gorgeous senorita had a hair appointment and she would be coming later with the little munchkin. the rest of the raffali clan were there. my sister ana will be coming from shah alam. jannah was already there from penang. my sister ita will be rayaing at her in-laws. so we'll only be seeing nabil, aidil and farzana on the second day of raya. my brother ijai sponsored to paint t…

festive mode

2 days to go till a relatively long break for raya. since i've spent most of my leave on getting married and the honeymoon, it pretty much leaves me with no cuti left to spare so i won't be taking any extra leave for raya la kan.

so pretty much tengah bide my time before going back la ni.

nak gi tukar some money for duit raya. hehe.

some people i know were buzzing about facebook so i decided to give it a go. yes u can do a lot of things on it but after a while it does get a bit too much. hehe.

anyways just wanna wish everyone selamat hari raya.

will cook, have cooked..

so i told the senorita that we'll bukak posa at home on sunday coz i wanna have a go at cooking. hehe. yep u got that right. did a quick googling for some recipes and i figured lets start with something simple. can't go wrong with masak lemak cili api right? hehe yeah right..

the morning started rather early. the senorita treated me or rather my trusty kelisa to a full interior wash. hehe so now the car is like new, hehe the interior la kan. took the opportunity to go to giant to get some ingredients for the cook out. this is where things started to go wrong la.

first i was queueing to buy some kunyit, serai, and cili api. and some apple juice for the sexy senorita. queued for a bit and when it came to my turn to pay, the cashier said that the serai ain't got no barcode.

cashier: bang takde barcode la..
me: so tak leh beli ke?
cashier: (asks colleague to left and right) ada code ke?
colleagues: takde
cashier: bang takde barcode la..
me: so how?
cashier: looks left and right all blu…

the saturday do..

the weekend was quite packed. choc full of activities. hehe. first it was off to shop for the little munchkin's raya get up. we got up quite early and drove off to midvalley to see what metrojaya has to offer. keluar rumah before ten because we didn't want to have parking troubles. true enuff banyak lagi empty spaces when we arrived but it was filling up fast. when we got there, metrojaya was still closed so we waited for a bit.

tunggu kedai bukak..

i remembered when i was a kid the cool raya clothes would almost often be kiki lala or kiko or what ever name brands that were there at the time. but the little munhkin has pretty much outgrown those brands. we have to look for stuff at the teenager sections. dapat la some nice cargo pants and nicer kotak shirts. we also got him some nice pants at cape cod. size 30 okay. i was like size thirty when i was doing my a levels. hehe takpe kanak-kanak tengah membesar.

buying the pants was a bit of a chore. no one was attending the cape cod …