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ting tang walla walla bing bang..

i remembered saving 20 ringgit to get a brick game machine at the local pasar malam at the time. played the thing to death. hehe played it till the highscore was stuck at 99999 something. i've always loved video games.

i use to go by this shop that has that galaga arcade machine after school. played on that for a bit too. this sundry shop near my mom's had like this nuts dispenser, where when u put 20 cents in u can have a go at playing western bar. hehe buleh stay kat situ berjam. this one time before the advent of all this cyber cafes and online gaming. there was this shop at taman permata which let u play on them micro genius machines. satu masa tu my brother and i snucked out of the house to have a go. hehe my dad came over and drag the both of us home. hehe tak ingat sama ade kena grounded or not.

so i've always been into games. my first games console was a gameboy. hehe i got that one during my a levels. it was a cure for boredom. kelakar. 18 year old kid main gameboy. there were some juniors at my house who also had them. hehe kelakar. i upgraded to a gameboy color back in uni and subsequently a gameboy advance. in between that time my flirtatious relationship with the playstation began. i think i got the playstation in the first year. can't remember exactly. tak mod pun. just bought a hack that u plug at the back of it that allows u to play copied cds. lasted also and when my ex and i got the ps2 i sold the playstation to a mate. staying in and playing games was like my favouritest pass time.

but i think i really prefer the mobility of a handheld more. just imagine sitting in front of the telly for 10 hours straight trying to finish off a game. hehe ahmad will probably testify to countlesss hours wasted camped trying to complete that notorious sniper level in snakeeater. hehe, man that was fun. with a handheld ni u can be more casual with ur gaming. hehe tak la hardcore sangat. a few minutes here a few minutes there. passing time on the train. tunggu bas.

so kira okay la jugak. i also got the little munchkin his very own gameboy micro. his friend had been lending him a gameboy every now and again. i figured he could have one on the account that he had been a good boy. the senorita even got him the madagascar game coz he liked the movie so much. hehe i like to move it move it.

agak nya bila nengok the two of us dok asyik main game aje the senorita pun wants to join also. so i've installed some games in her phone so she could also play whenever she's bored. hehe. currently tengah dok brag coz she past my highscore in super puzzle bobble.

anyways with all the gaming du das we haven't forgotten our sex.. in the city dvd which we finally finished watching on saturday. i tell ya, there's so much u can learn from watching sitc. hehe. thank you carrie and the gang and now true to my word i've introduced the senorita to mr michael scofield. we've started prison break. the first time for the senorita and understandably she has a lot of questions. i enticed her with the tale that she's gonna love the story because it's all about having a plan and executing it.

ah well, time flies when ur having fun. or in this case when ur playing video games or watching dvds. the fasting month is well on its way and i must say that it sure is fun fasting with a family of ur own. even the little munchkin is keeping to it. hehe i promised i'll buy him some more games if he can go the whole month all the way. don't think i'm spoiling him though. i happen to know of many kids growing up with games who turn out to be reasonable adults. hehe and still playing games some more. ;)

anyways, selamat berpuasa everyone..


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